Dr. Jaime Schwartz: Would You Swallow A Balloon To Lose Weight

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If I told you that you could swallow a balloon and safely lose 50 lbs. in 6 months would you do it? No expensive surgery. No risky side effects. No fad diets or pills.

I think most people would.

Good news—it actually exists. Obalon Balloon System (also known as the "Balloon Pill") is the FIRST and ONLY swallowable, FDA approved weight loss balloon. And it's been proven to help patients safely lose 2 times the amount of weight than they would with diet and exercise alone, and keep it off. That's why I am so excited to announce that we've added the Obalon Balloon System, one of the safest weight loss devices I've ever seen, to the treatments and procedures we currently offer my weight loss patients.

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There is hope!

Many patients come to me after a long journey of trial and error with weight loss, failed diets and exercise regimes, yo-yo dieting, and a lot of frustration. Anyone that’s struggled with their weight knows—losing weight is hard! If you are at least 22 years old, have a BMI of 30-40% (30-100 lbs. overweight), you have no history of abdominal surgery, and other methods of weight loss have failed—Obalon might be perfect for you.

How does it work?

The Obalon Treatment: Three lightweight balloons are placed in your stomach over the course of six months (on day 1, at 3 weeks and at 9 weeks).


The balloon placements take less than 10 minutes, with no surgery or sedation. It's simple, the balloons take up space in your stomach, and the result is that you eat less and lose weight.

Obalon is truly a "disruptive technology." The system naturally disrupts your normal way of dealing with food, it forces you to change your eating habits and this has a positive impact on your outlook on life. You will naturally be gaining more energy and confidence every day during your treatment, giving you more and more momentum in your new eating habits to ensure that you keep the weight off for good.

Another great thing about the Obalon Balloon System is that you will be assigned a licensed dietitian to supervise your diet and exercise program during the 6-month treatment, and for 6 months after the balloons are removed.

At the end of the six months, all three balloons are removed via a light conscious sedation endoscopy removal. The procedure takes around 15 minutes.

This is something that actually can change your life. 

Obalon has been proven not only to give amazing weight loss results for our patients, but 89.5% patients have kept the weight off successfully for six months to a year after treatment.

Watch this Obalon Patient's Amazing Transformation:

If you're looking to lose 15-50 lbs., and you would prefer to avoid the risk and expense of surgery, Obalon might be exactly what you've been hoping for.

If you are interested in Obalon Balloon System for weight loss, or would like more information about how my practice can assist you in your weight loss journey, please contact my office by email dawnr@theroxburyinstitute.com, or by phone 310-882-5454. For more information about my plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, please visit www.beverlyhillsbreastandbodyinstitute.com.

SchwartzPractitioner at the Roxbury Institute and founder of The Beverly Hills Breast Institute, Dr. Jaime Schwartz the highest quality and most comprehensive breast surgery care to men, women and transgender patients, alike.

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