Newborn Baby Adventures: Taking Them Outside The Home

A newborn baby is small, cute and fragile. Because of the last one, many parents (especially those on their first child) take precautions not to expose the baby to elements outside of the home. So, when and where to take them on their first outings?

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Another precaution parents of a newborn take: clean, and healthy, visitors. Do not be surprised if your beloved family member or close friend asks you if you have been sick or been in contact with someone sick in the past couple of weeks. If you answer anything besides a straight-up “No,” then get ready to wait to meet the baby. A good reason for that is the babies are not vaccinated at such an early stage.

Eva Perko is the mother of a 10-month old baby, Valentina, in Houston, TX. Since Valentina was born during winter, Eva says, “We did not take her out during the cold season, a lot of people were sick.” She and her husband started going to restaurants with their newborn baby after a month had passed. And she took her first plane ride at nine-weeks of age.

Julia Sevilla is Eva’s sister. She and her husband welcomed their first child, Emma, this past September in Miami, FL. They take her out but carefully. “We take her to non-crowded places, and always with the mosquito net on the stroller when going for walks, says Julia. “We also take her to restaurants at non-peak hours.

The New Mom Needs Attention Too

The health of the mother is also important. “Even if the baby won’t go out, the mom should not lock herself up for a month,” says Julia. “I think this can cause risks of having post-partum depression.”

Each family is different and should consult with their pediatrician. “Focus on finding what works for your family,” she added.