This Smile Make-Over Completely Transforms Your Teeth In Only Two Visits

Dr. Bret Davis of Smile Texas has invested heavily in post-graduate training at the highly prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). There, Dr. Davis learned the state-of-the-art techniques in both the aesthetic and the functional aspects necessary to create a beautiful, healthy smile. He is one of the youngest dentists to achieve completion of the complex LVI curriculum and earn fellowship status. Dr. Davis has also received his fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry and is now dual-fellowshipped. Now, Dr. Davis has completed thousands of Smile Makeover and Full-Mouth Reconstruction cases using all-porcelain restorations and laser sculpting of the gum tissues (when needed). His cosmetic training places him in the top 1% of dentists nationwide qualified to handle Smile Makeovers and Full-Mouth Reconstruction cases.

Dr. bret davisPhoto Credit: Photo courtesy of Smile texas

HB: What is your two-visit smile makeover and what issues does it work to address?

An amazing Two Visit Smile Makeover by Dr. Bret Davis uses all-porcelain veneers and crowns to correct nearly any smile imperfection. People who suffer from permanently stained teeth, crooked teeth, teeth with gaps and spaces, or even chipped or damaged teeth can have a healthy, beautiful smile in just two visits. We even offer express turnaround for our many out-of-town guests.

HB: Walk us through the procedure.

After an initial consultation (takes about 1 hour) the patient is scheduled for their first appointment. During the first appointment, the teeth are shaped and contoured to prepare them for their stunning new all-porcelain restorations. They go home that day with temporary restorations that are lightly cemented into place. These temporary restorations look amazing and allow the patient to go about their normal daily routine while our dental lab completes their permanent all-porcelain veneers. This typically takes about 14 days. During the second appointment, Dr. Davis places the permanent all-porcelain veneers and  bonds them into place. After this procedure, the new veneers are as strong as a natural healthy tooth. However, the patient now has a stunningly beautiful smile! With proper care, these porcelain veneers can last indefinitely. Smile Texas has patients with all-porcelain veneers that are 15 years old and still perfect!

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HB: Who is a good candidate for the two-visit smile makeover?

Practically anyone who is unhappy with their smile (from small imperfections to large ones) can benefit from our Two Visit Smile Makeover. We see people from 17 to 65 that want to have a straight, white, beautiful smile in just two office visits!

HB: What do recovery and after-care entail?

Our patients report very little discomfort after each procedure. Most don't even need ibuprofen. But, that is typically all that is required if the teeth are sensitive the day after your visit. Our patients almost always comment, "If I had known how easy this would be, I'd have done it years ago!"

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