Dr. Claytor’s Recommendations For A Faster Post-Op Recovery

Award-winning, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brannon Claytor has been helping patients realize their beauty goals for over 16 years. He serves as Chief of Plastic Surgery for Main Line Health Systems encompassing Bryn Mawr, Lankenau, Paoli, and Riddle Hospitals. He is committed to patient satisfaction and safety, and his knowledge of and continual training in the most advanced surgical techniques provide his patients with up-to-date, cutting-edge care that yields exceptional results. He works closely with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan and is dedicated to helping patients achieve a long-lasting, natural post-surgical look. Haute Beauty discusses post-op recovery with Dr. Brannon Claytor on how to achieve transformation with less downtime and promote accelerated healing.

Deep Plane Face Lift

Photo Credit: Paul CsihasPatients today are looking for subtle transformation with less downtime. As a surgeon, my goal is to accelerate my patients' healing process, and we achieve that in a number of ways depending on the type of surgery a patient has had. We also encourage patients to begin a vitamin regimen that has shown to promote accelerated healing.

I perform a Deep Plane Facelift on most of my facial rejuvenation patients. This is a procedure that I perform in our AAAA Surgical Facility in our office as an "awake procedure." The Deep Plane Face Lift allows the skin, SMAS, and muscle to remain attached as a composite unit allowing for a more natural youthful positioning. The technique allows for less bruising, and patients are able to be out in public in about two weeks.

For those with loose skin and a poorly defined neckline, the MyEllevate® Necklift is performed with a subcutaneous permanent suture, tightening, and lifting the neck. Patients love this technique not only for the beautiful result but because the downtime is so minimal.

Our Rapid Recovery Drainless Tummy Tuck is one of our most popular procedures. My technique of sparing Scarpa's fascia allows patients to undergo transformational surgery without drains. The body's own lymphatic system naturally eliminates accumulated fluids. The real benefit though is a more accelerated recovery and less discomfort. Patients are up and showering the day after surgery, and most are feeling great after five days. Patients love their results and the fact they can have a tighter, sculpted abdomen with less pain and a faster recovery.

The surgeon's solution to early recovery is also found in Alastin® Cosmeceuticals. In a recently published study which I co-authored, we found that liposuction patients realized not only a more rapid recovery with less swelling and pain, they also experienced improved visible and palpable skin quality. I am always seeking ways to improve the patient experience, and by utilizing Alastin's Body Transform™ and Nectar™ in our post-surgical care, our patients benefit from improved results.