Epic Talks Continues Their Monthly Awareness Events In Miami

epic talksPhoto Credit: Gary Arias Epic Talks was delighted to collaborate with the Vice-President of Haute Media Group, April Irene Donelson. Ms. Donelson is also an advocate for the FH Foundation.

epic talksPhoto Credit: Gary Arias

"FH" stands for Familial Hypercholesterolemia, a genetic condition that causes a build-up of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (LDL-C) or “bad cholesterol” from birth. Because it is genetic, diet, exercise, and lifestyle are not able to manage it.

FH runs in families and can be highly controllable when caught early. It is a genetic condition responsible for the greatest loss of life. An estimated 1/250 people have FH, 90% of those are undiagnosed. If left untreated, FH can cause early heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease. Visit Thefhfoundation.org for more information.

epic talksPhoto Credit: Gary AriasApril Donelson was a guest speaker of Epic Talks, a monthly networking event in Miami. There, she used her voice to bring awareness to this condition. Epic Talks' founder and host, Melitsa Waage, committed herself to provide testing grounds for FH at her next event.

epic talksPhoto Credit: Gary AriasIn addition to Ms. Donelson's speech, here's what happened at the previous Epic Talks event, this past July 7th: Jay Jay, the owner of the PR Agency "Ace of Spades," and Brian Breach, delivered advice on how to use social media (and YouTube) for business and create a client acquisition process from it, Business and Consciousness Coach Polina Groman taught timeless principles applicable to grow any business, no matter what endeavor or niche, Dr. Claudia Caprio, founder of the CMC Therapy in Miami provided a mental framework to go through adversity and practice self-love, Kristina Centnere, founder and owner of the marketing agency SocialCow gave her main principles on neuromarketing and advertising, and a surprise guest, 30-year-experienced motivational speaker Chris Lee delivered a speech on improving your overall state and tuning into the abundance that is already within you.

If it wasn't enough, artistic scenery was provided by Miami art broker Jason Perez and artist TRAN$PARENT, cocktails were sponsored by the singer, Pitbull's brand: "Voli 305," and private Chef Guvian Rios served delicious Hours D'Oeuvres and appetizers. Over 100+ people attended and created new partnerships at this exclusive networking event in Miami.

Epic Talks is hosted in Miami every month, and there's a wide array of topics covered at every event. The next one is on August 25th. If you're in Miami on this date, you can find more information at epictalks.org.