The Spirit Of Alafia By Casa Privée Is Rising

Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson (2013 – 2019) served as The Dr. Irving J. Taylor Professor and Chair in the Department of Psychiatry, and Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Medicine, Neurology, and Pharmacology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He directs all brain sciences across multiple departments at the School under the aegis of the Brain Science Research Consortium Unit, which grew in NIH funding from $21M-$35M from 2013-2018. Professor Johnson serves as the Director of the Clinical Neurobehavioral Center in Columbia. Professor Johnson is a licensed physician and board-certified psychiatrist. He is the Principal Investigator on National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded research studies from basic science to molecular and clinical studies and has been funded continuously for over two decades. Haute MD expert Dr. Bankole Johnson explains his philosophy: achieving Alafia for his clients and patients is essential to happiness, wellness, health, and beauty.

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Alafia is Yoruba, the ancestral roots of Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson, and describes an all-encompassing state of peace that includes physical, emotional, psychological well-being, and spiritual enlightenment. There is no direct translation in the English language since rather than being a single word, it is meant to convey a holistic emotion that is transcendental in nature.

Medicine as practiced by Western-trained doctors is flawed when it comes to aiding a client or patient to achieve or maintain a state of complete wellness or Alafia because it is focused on a systemized disease model. Worse still, the high level of specialization ensures that treatment even for disease, especially one that involves multiple organs, is compartmentalized, leading to the need to see many physicians achieve even physical wellness for a single disorder. Furthermore, these treatments are, often, poorly integrated. Indeed, traditional doctors often give up on the concept of Alafia, typically relating it to being “alternative, homeopathic, or allopathic medicine”. None of these terminologies are intended to flatter; conversely, they infer risk or a low probability of achieving wellness. Without a clearly defined disease that fits a diagnostic category to treat, western doctors are usually at a loss as to how to help their patients remain well. Preventive medicine is taught and delivered as if it were an emerging practice in most parts of the western world, even though it is the hallmark of achieving and maintaining wellness.

Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson’s philosophy is that achieving Alafia for his clients and patients is essential to happiness, wellness, health, and beauty, and to retard the ravages of aging on the mind and body. All of this is achieved through high technology fusing the six elemental forces of nature.

Alafia is the byword and practice at Casa Privée, and the goal is not just to identify and treat disease but to maintain health, wellness, and beauty so that the client or patient is both happy and fulfilled. Essentially, this is a long-term, and even life-long, commitment to individualized care for each and every client or patient.

Achieving Alafia requires a deep connection and understanding with each and every client or patient that walks through our doors. Everyone is not only different, but our desires, goals, and dreams are personal to us all. It is that intimate understanding that allows a spiritual element to enter treatment as we progress through the different milestones.

Simply, Alafia is time travel in medical practice! This time travel fuses elements from the origins of the earth, and its elements, with the highest science the world can deliver. This fusion, with the brain, the most complex system in the universe, as the driver, translates into our chosen integration of earth elements and futuristic technologies.


Moving beyond science necessitates moving beyond borders. The central theme is to transcend the traditional role of doctor, nurse, psychologist, sociologist, or other health care worker, and arrive at the concept of a healer.

Healing is not the simple act of alleviating disease. Indeed, many individuals who will come to Casa Privée will not have a traditionally defined disease. Yet, in all of those people, there will be a yearning to be healed and to reach a place of inner connectedness with physical emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Casa Privée, staffed by the best doctors and health workers in America, is at its core a medical center, with the world’s finest high-technology medical spa wrapped around it to promote health, wellness, beauty, and retard the ravages of aging.

Casa Privée moves beyond science and beyond borders to transcend the traditional role of the doctor, nurse, psychologist, sociologist, or other health care workers, in the delivery of five-star medical care that results in healing, all in a post opulent luxurious setting, designed to amplify all the senses of sight, smell, touch, feeling, and simply “being” to create an unparalleled emotional experience rarely seen in the Western World.

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Healing is more than the simple act of alleviating disease. Indeed, our members will often come to Casa Privée without a defined disease but wishing to attain a state of complete brain health, body wellness, optimize beauty, and retard the ravages of aging, a concept we call Alafia.

Naturally, this kind of healing requires the engagement and heightening of all the senses, which then become internalized as the central core of well-being.

This unity of focus to healing starts as the client or patient walks into Casa Privée. We engage the senses to ensure a connection with the forces of nature and augment them with science.

Casa Privée is science in synergy and heightening of nature within an environment of post-functional luxury. Post-functional luxury engulfs the senses to ensure the environment and the individual are in perfect harmony surpassing its mere functionality. It is a plane of simply knowing it simply could not get any better.

We distinguish ourselves by using the brain, the most complex machine in the universe, and its workings, as the method to both senses and deliver what is needed to achieve complete wellness. Whilst it is beyond the scope of this introduction to detail the many novel treatment modalities within Casa Privée, it is important to emphasize that the unequaled quality of the treatment experience is not just in their individual properties but in the fusion of their unique combinations into panels and packages that are personalized to fit all your needs.


Casa Privée is exclusive, and membership is by invitation only. It is a high-technology center, where the best science and technologies deliver optimal concierge medical care with a wraparound set of modalities to maximize wellness, retard aging, and promote beauty.

Our stunning award-winning private facility is in the heart of Brickell Miami. Our official opening date for clients is November 1, 2021, although some lucky individuals will get the opportunity of a sneak peek from Oct 15, 2021, and the official opening date.

If you have not received an invitation from us yet, and you wish to reward yourself and begin your individualized journey to complete health, wellness, and beauty in a unique high technology setting, please call our concierge at 305-396-6993 or email us at


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