What’s The Secret To Refreshing Your Skin?

Dr. Tahl Humes is a board-certified physician and an international expert in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Her expertise includes advanced injectables, aesthetic lasers, skin tightening technologies, non-invasive body contouring, wellness, and skincare. She is known for her expertise in combining lasers and injectables for total facial rejuvenation. Dr. Humes is the founder of VITAHL Medical Aesthetics, a leading cosmetic medicine practice that opened in Denver in 2005. VITAHL has since expanded to include multiple offices across the country and has become a preceptor site for physicians. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Tahl Humes talks about the Secret RF laser. 

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More and more patients are wanting medical aesthetic treatments, but don’t want the downtime that often comes along with them. VITAHL Medical Aesthetics has a secret weapon for this challenge.

Secret RF is a fractional radiofrequency micro-needling (RFMN) device that stimulates and remodels collagen. Tiny needles are deployed into the skin and simultaneously, radiofrequency energy is delivered below the surface, addressing the common signs of aging.

“Secret RF is a safe and effective way to revitalize and refresh the skin,” said Dr. Tahl Humes, medical director and founder of VITHAL Medical Aesthetics.

VITAHL Medical Aesthetics relies on Secret RF to rebuild the skin from the inside out. While other devices only deliver energy to the skin’s surface, RFMN goes beneath the top layer to attack concerns where they originate. The delivery system gently heats the layers of the skin where fibroblasts reside, and the collagen and elastin production are kicked into high gear. The result is a diminished appearance of lines and wrinkles, textural concerns in aging skin, skin laxity, photoaging, and even stretch marks on the body.

The treatment can be used on the face, neck, chest, body, and face, including the hard-to-treat area around the upper and lower eye.

“Our ability to precisely control the radiofrequency energy into the skin is crucial to results,” said Humes.  “With just a little topical anesthesia, the patient experiences a procedure with minimal downtime and results that leave the skin softer, smoother, healthier and younger-looking.”

No need to keep this secret to ourselves. Pass it on.