What Can Facial Rejuvenation Treatments Do For Your Skin?

Dr. Daisy A. Ayim is a talented cosmetic surgeon with an aesthetic eye and has over ten years of experience in private practice with a keen perspective on beauty and health. Dr. Daisy A. Ayim is a fellowship-trained Cosmetic Surgeon by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Board Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Ayim has always been focused, academically sound, and driven to excel in her craft. She has garnered the love from her patients over the course of over a decade to provide superb care and enhance their desire for aesthetic surgery. 

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Our skin tells a story. The way we treat it will shine through the look of our skin. If we let it burn to a crisp or treat it with love - one will know. Naturally, our skin helps us out by regenerating every month but if we do not use healthy habits our natural powers will have no bearing to our damaged skin. To maintain glowing skin, Dr. Daisy Ayim recommends basics like drinking plenty of water, cleansining daily, moisturizing and more. Additonially, there are facial rejuvenation treatments that can aid in the health and glow of our skin. Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Ayim to discuss the options available.

What does facial rejuvenation focus on?

Facial rejuvenation refers to any cosmetic treatment that renews and restores the appearance of the skin either surgically or non-surgically. The extend of involvement depends on the client's needs which will direct the depth of the treatment solution. Rejuvenation treatments are typically for superficial skin concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots, scarring, and skin laxity, which are all skin-related concerns that occur on the upper-to-mid layers of the dermis. At times, rejuvenation may be deeper working on fat or bone remodeling.

What are the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments?

Our practice structures treatments to the specific needs that each client. For skin texture smoothness to combat wrinkles and scars, Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling is a great option. The device allows different skin layer depth of treatment including fat remodeling. We frequently pair this procedure with facetite also a radiofrequency-based device. Facetite gives more structural changes with wonderful skin tightening and fat reduction if present. Both combinations work well to balance the face. Injectables are commonly performed after these treatments to rejuvenate the face if the client desires. The most effective treatment for hyperpigmentation is chemical peels and excellent skin care products with key ingredients like niacinamide, a derivative of tretinoin, Vitamin C.

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Are the only skin rejuvenation treatments available in the office? What are at-home methods?

Our practice encourages a home regimen to maintain the results from the office. Our medium depth chemical peel offers both hyperpigmentation and acne-prone skin solutions which clients get continue with a daily targeted routine to continue good skin health. A home kit is provided to enhance the results of this peel. Some other quick home methods are microdermabrasion or good exfoliant scrub with key ingredients such as Vitamin C. At-home face masks encourage healthy pores and great skin whether focusing on hydration, collagen boost or peptide-based ingredient.

What are the facial benefits of skin rejuvenation?

So many benefits to facial skin rejuvenation like detoxifying and moisturizing your skin. The unclogging of skin pores helps with treating acne, clearing and minimizing blemishes. Skin treatments can provide nutrients to help skin heal, fight the aging process and tighten the skin.

Why is it important to rejuvenate your skin?

All these treatments determine how you age and how your body feels, heals and declines. While aging is inevitable, so many solutions to replenish and restore the skin are available. The extend of rejuvenation is tailored specifically to each client.

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