The Key To Breaking Down Treatment Misconceptions Is By Asking Questions

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Before committing to any treatment, there comes a standard consultation appointment. This is where you, as the patient, have the opportunity to break down all the possible misconceptions you have on the procedure and ask all the questions.

Regardless of what you inquire about, do not hesitate to ask these questions. What are the side effects? How successful is the treatment? Is this even the best option for what I want to fix? Is it true that this treatment doesn't last long? Of course, no question is a bad question, and based on Haute Beauty's discussion with Haute Beauty experts, they've heard it all. Here these experts talk about the most common misconceptions they have heard from patients when they come in for treatment.

Kimberly N. Mascia | Medical Spa | Erie, PA

The most common misconception that I encounter is patients believing that neurotoxins such as Botox or Dysport lift the face. Sometimes, they come in for a consultation and pull back their face emulating a tight ponytail saying, "I just need a little lift." Although we use many tricks to lift, neurotoxins paralyze muscle. This effect is most apparent in the most popular area, the forehead or frontalis muscle. With a bit of explanation, most patients understand that we must treat the glabellar region (the eyebrow muscles that cause "11"s) to offset paralysis of the frontalis muscle, the main eyebrow lifting muscle. By treating the glabella, we are removing some depressor effects. We can do this in other areas of the face, such as the muscle that pulls down the corners of the mouth, some neck muscles and periocular muscles. When patients request tightening and lifting, I often have other procedures to recommend.

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Harlan L. South | Anti-Aging | San Francisco

Many clients ask about our bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and how it can help to optimize their present health. They usually think that just trying to boost one or two hormones can help them achieve excellent health but the bio-identical hormone program includes many vitamins, micronutrients, and up to ten hormones that need to be optimized with the appropriate supplements and natural products. In addition, lifestyle modifications such as movement and healthy nutrition play an essential role that provides the vital milieu for the body to process and implement the bio-identical hormone therapy and its excellent health benefits. Thus, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy represents a comprehensive, well-balanced program to optimize our overall health and longevity.

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Jeffrey Ayers | Medical Spa | Salt Lake City, UT

Many people are confused about the role of Neuromodulators (NM's), Xeomin, Dysport and Botox, to name a few. They work by temporarily interrupting the communication between the nerve that tells a muscle to move. Even though NM's can be used in the lips for a short-term lip flip, they do not volumize lips or remove smile lines (between your nose and corners of the mouth).

NM's also do not work immediately. It generally takes around two to 10 days to start working and reach their peak effect. Regarding bruising, we all know that bruising typically lasts two weeks or more. Most people who receive NM's want to believe that the bruising will disappear in three days. Although bruising does not go away quickly, some methods can speed the recovery after some injectable treatments. Avoid foods or medicines that can increase bleeding and use supplements like Arnica Montana and Alastin Inhance.

NM's and fillers are also not the equivalents to skincare. This is simply altering the activity of muscles or volumizing tissue to improve appearance. To protect your skin and improve the quality over the years, you will need a good topical antioxidant, retinol, and sunscreen. On the topic of sunscreen, wear it, daily. When you spend money on great procedures that can correct sun damage or other signs of aging and then proceed to sit poolside all summer, there is a reason why the treatments are not working as anticipated.

Now, on the topic of laser treatment. If you believe that taking a bath last night is enough to be adequately prepared for your treatment the next day, you have thought wrong. Not shaving or bathing in areas that will have laser treatments is like going to the dentist with popcorn and peanut butter stuck in your teeth. Ensure you follow protocol for hygiene prior to your appointment.

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