Julia Fox Reveals The Products Behind Her Famous “Fox Eye”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock Ever since her viral moments on the Call Her Daddy podcast and romantic ties with Kanye West, Julia Fox’s name has been circulating the internet as people discuss her bold eye makeup and Kardashian reminiscent style. The Uncut Jems star recently took to Instagram to share a 16-minute tutorial for “The Fox Eye” look, explaining she had “too much time on her hands” while doing her own glam for the Independent Spirit Awards.

Aside from her infamous eye look, the actress walked fans through the entirety of her makeup routine and shared each product along the way. Fox mainly focused the look on her signature eye makeup using only Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, Westman Atelier contour, and the tiniest bit of highlighter on her cheekbones. She really took a no-fuss approach, applying her foundation with her hands all while telling her fans, "It's really not that serious."

Her eye look took a lot longer to accomplish and took up the majority of the video. Fox explains, “What’s very important with the Fox eye is that you really want to follow the shape of your own brow” before proceeding to carve out her smokey eye with the help of the Pat McGrath Mothership II Eyeshadow Palette. After outlining the shape with eyeshadow, she went in with black eyeliner to help sharpen the look. Followers applauded her in the comments for how candid she was throughout the video, not editing out her mistakes along the way. When she made the mistake of smudging black eyeshadow across her face she jokes “Tutorial is over, I’m done.” She paired the fierce look with a revealing black KNWLS gown and sleek, straight hair.

While the look may not be for everyone, it’s definitely worth the watch and the internet seems to agree. Since being posted 5 days ago, the tutorial has received over 700,000 views, so Julia Fox might be onto something.