Pearly White Smiles Make An Impact Outside The Dentist’s Office

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You ran into your long-lost friend. You walked outside and breathed in the fresh air. You felt accomplished at work. These are all moments that put a smile on your face, and possibly someone else's. Smiles are contagious. As a matter of fact, smiling signals a range of emotions and is one of the most frequent ways people communicate. Due to its universality, Haute Beauty sat down with our smile experts to learn what puts a smile on their faces, in and out of the dentist's office. Here's what they had to say:

Dr. Lindsey Marshall | Smile | Philadelphia

It is so fun to think about what makes us smile in a world where we all need some smiles. In my work life, smiles are at the core of my business. Knowing that I have not only changed someone's smile but have changed their life permanently makes me smile from the inside out.

In my personal life, the things that make me smile are my children and my dogs. My love for dogs goes past my own. I follow every resue dog site and dog enthusiast on social media. Watching dog videos and photos of dogs that I want to rescue is my favorite pastime. My dream is to adopt a dog and train it to be a service dog for anxiety for my patients. So even my goals make me smile!

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Brittany Dickinson | Smile | Chicago

The big reveal for a smile makeover in the office brings me so much joy. That's the moment when my patient sees the smile they've always dreamed of for the first time. Their whole face lights up, there is laughter, and sometimes (happy) tears. These makeovers often happen during significant transitions in my patients' lives. Whether that is graduating from college, getting a big promotion, or getting married, I love that I get to be a part of their story and a part of their happiness. I get to know all of my patients personally, and seeing them smile makes me smile!

Outside of the office, being outdoors makes me happy. In the city, that means going on a bike ride along the lake with my husband. Getting out on our beach cruisers and enjoying a sunny spring day makes me grin from ear to ear! Chicago is an incredibly bikeable city, and we take full advantage! Biking to brunch on one of our outstanding patios or rooftops is one of my favorite weekend activities.

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Dr. Nicole Deakins & Dr. Jeremy Kay, The Dental Spa | Smile | Philadelphia

We genuinely believe that a smile is worth a thousand words, which is why we have focused our careers on improving the confidence behind our patients' smiles in addition to the esthetics of the smile itself. We find ourselves smiling every day, whether from a patient's reaction to their beautiful new restorations, whitening results, or just an amazing office experience! The dental office can be an intimidating place, so our team prioritizes relaxing the office mood with upbeat music, personalized conversation, and a few laughs along the way. We, along with our office team, also find ourselves smiling from our own personal joys in life, such as spending time with our kids and having fun adventures with friends!

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