You’ll Never Guess What Euphoria Star Sydney Sweeney Uses As Under-Eye Cream

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Ever since Euphoria season two aired fans are all dying to know Sydney Sweeney’s every mood, including her beauty hacks. Throughout the show, we saw so many gorgeous looks from her as Cassie, even when she was crying, which was a lot. The stunning actress has shocked fans with her seemingly carefree lifestyle and personality as she shared videos of her working on her car and some other unexpected activities. It seems that she has a similar laidback approach when she takes her beauty routine into her own hands off the big screens and looks effortlessly beautiful doing so.

Sweeney shared that when it comes to treating her under-eyes, which we all love to do to mask our exhaustion, she opts for a simple solution, Vaseline Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly. We’ve all seen how much people love Vaseline as a multi-purpose product for lip balm, makeup remover, and slugging, but not so much as an under-eye cream.

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In a Harper’s Bazaar video Sydney explained, “I don’t know if this is right, and people are probably going to judge me, but I actually use Vaseline as my under-eye cream and if I’m feeling like I need a pick-me-up anywhere else and I’m really dry, I kind of put it everywhere else [on my face].” Sounds a bit like the slugging beauty trend if you ask me.

No judgment from us because whatever she’s doing is clearly working, she always looks amazing and her skin is consistently flawless! And who doesn’t love an affordable beauty hack to add to their routine? We all know how hard it can be to add new products to your routine but at the unbeatable price of $5.75 Vaseline couldn’t get easier to add to your beauty regimen in the morning or at night if you experience similar dryness.

It looks like this won’t be the last beauty tip we will get from the White Lotus star since she was recently named a Laneige ambassador, another brand with a cult-like following. She also mentions that the SolaWave beauty wand, a red-light therapy product, goes everywhere she goes just like her Cocoa Butter Vaseline.

Like many others, Sydney Sweeney claimed that she’s not a big fan of how other makeup remover feels against the skin, especially the sensitive eye area. So, she uses her coveted Vaseline as a makeup remover as well adding, “I think I read somewhere that Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow, so I used to lather my eyelashes and eyebrows with Vaseline and I don’t know if it helped at all, but I realized it helped take my eye makeup off really gently.” Given that this product has been dermatologist-tested and proven to not clog pores, we see why it’s a favorite. This product doesn’t seem to be a new revelation for the actress since she has reportedly been doing this since middle school. I don’t know that I’d take any beauty advice from my middle school self, but I guess if it’s still working, why stop now?