Hawaii Five-O Hits Honolulu

As filming of George Clooney’s The Descendants wrapped and the popular television series Lost has ended, there is a new project underway on the island of Oahu. CBS has committed to twelve episodes of a new and improved Hawaii Five-O television series. Filming will begin July 15th on Honolulu and is scheduled to air in CBS’s fall line-up. Word on the street is that Five-O will be hiring some of the same crew and using the same facility that recently housed Clooney’s The Descendants movie production.

The New Hawaii Five-O Cast
The New Hawaii Five-O Cast

This modern Hawaii Five-0 will star Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight), Daniel Dae Kim (Lost), Scott Caan (Oceans Eleven), Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica), and Taryn Manning (Sons of Anarchy). Actor Daniel Dae Kim and his family have been calling Honolulu their home, and have been living on Oahu full time for several years while shooting the Lost series. No word yet on where the other stars will stay when filming the series.


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