Anna Weinberg’s Big Night Group Launches Raw on the Road

The ladies of the Big Night Restaurant Group never stop moving. Case in point: the announcement of their latest endeavor, Raw on the Road, a roving pop-up raw bar that allows you to host a luxe oyster celebration anywhere. James Nicholas and Anna Weinberg, the masterminds behind some of San Francisco’s hottest restaurants like Park Tavern, Marlowe, and Leo’s Oyster Bar, have been toying with the idea of a roving raw bar for some time. Their concept has finally come to fruition with Raw on the Road. leos-oyster-bar-home-slide-01Our guests really love the raw bar and signature decor at Leo’s and Petit Marlowe, and we get a ton of requests to incorporate both elements into the private parties/catering we do,” Weinberg told Haute Living by email. “Raw on the Road allows us to bring those pieces of our restaurants to our guests in a super fun, unique, interactive (and chic!) way. With spring finally here and summer just over the horizon, we knew interest would only build from here. We couldn’t think of a better time to launch!”

Raw on the Road
Raw on the Road

Photo Credit: Big Night Restaurant Group The service has two set up options, a tropical seaside paradise inspired by Leo’s and a chic Parisian bistro that channels Big Night’s newest restaurant, Petit Marlowe. “In addition to the stellar seafood we are serving, with this service we’re offering to recreate the tropical glam feel for which Leo’s is so well loved—or the Parisian chic aesthetic, if you choose the Petit Marlowe set up!” Weinberg explains. 

Once you select the setup, the seafood menu is completely customizable. Choose an assortment of oysters or a full on spread with shrimp cocktail, caviar, littleneck clams, snow crab claws, and Dungeness crab bites. Traditional accouterments are included. For example, the oysters on the half shell are served with cocktail sauce or classic mignonette, the crab bites come with horseradish creme and candy stripe beets, the crab claws are paired with lemon aioli, and the caviar is alongside potato chips and chive creme fraiche.

Henry French and the Petit Marlowe inspired setup
Henry French and the Petit Marlowe inspired setup

Photo Credit: Big Night Restaurant Group The Big Night Group’s COO, chief oyster officer, Henry French, oversees the entire set up and service. French is a fascinating character whose knowledge of fresh shellfish and raw seafood is astounding. He’s an expert shucker who has been teaching the group’s staff about shucking for years. He’ll happily share his prowess with party guests.

Pottery Barn's tropical collection
Pottery Barn’s tropical collection

To coincide with the launch of Raw on the Road, Leo’s Oyster Bar has partnered with Pottery Barn. The home decor brand recently came out with a line of place settings inspired by the restaurant’s lush interiors. Think white porcelain platters shaped like banana leaves, banana print-plates, gold pineapple place card holders, and bamboo flatware. Why not purchase pieces from the collection and use them at your event that’s catered by Raw on the Road?


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