Influencer Nicole Williams English Shares How To Have It All

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WAGS star Nicole Williams English has had a busy year since marrying former San Diego Chargers linebacker Larry English last December. The brunette beauty has been settling nicely into married life, spending loads of time with her new hubby, traveling the world and laser-focused on building out her swimwear brand, Nia Lynn. Here, Williams English shares how one woman really can have it all.

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You’re the woman who does it all. Has that always been the case? What are the secrets of your continued success?

I definitely try to do everything! But sometimes I do have to focus on what’s most important at the time. I’m a perfectionist, so I find that if I pace myself, the outcome is much better. That goes for everything from designing my swimwear collection Nia Lynn, to traveling for work, to spending time with my family.

What was the motivation behind creating Nia Lynn? Where do you plan on taking the brand?

I actually didn’t know where Nia Lynn would go or how well it would do! I started out with a very small collection to be sold online only and my goal was to just have fun with designing and to learn how to be a business owner. It did so well and it was such a success, and that was a great feeling! My goal with the collection is to expand into a few key stores that really reach my fan base like Topshop and PLT and maybe partner with a distributor so that the suits can be available in more boutique stores globally. I kept the first two collections simple because I wanted to make sure I perfected the styles and the fit, but moving forward I want to grow the swim line and I would love to move into active wear also. I love street style and I want to create a line that is cool, wearable and comfortable.

What happened on WAGS that wasn’t shown on TV?

Well like most reality shows there was a ton that wasn’t shown because we film so much and each episode is only an hour long. After the editing, there’s a lot that doesn’t make the cut. However, I do think the show captured a lot of great moments and the best moments throughout the series run…including my wedding! I love that I have that memory on film and it’s something I can look back on later in life.
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What was the hardest thing about being married to a pro athlete? Has it eased up since Larry retired?

Honestly I have the best husband in the world. I got pretty lucky in that department. Like every relationship there will be ups and downs, but I think that’s healthy and completely normal. I will say there is a lot of temptation for these athletes coming to the NFL at such a young age, which might make some women nervous. But honestly, once you develop a solid foundation and trust, it’s a breeze and it’s fun. We’ve been together for 7 years now, we are best friends and trust is 100%. We’ve been able to spend a lot more quality time with each other since he retired, which I love.

What are the secrets to a successful relationship when both people are in the spotlight?

Definitely communication, respect for one another and date nights!

What are you 10 favorite spots in LA and why?

I’m a big kid and love Disneyland and Universal Studios. I go to The Grove for a glass of wine by the fountain. Date nights at the movies are a must- top choices are AMC at the Century City Mall and iPIC. I love going to Santa Monica Beach with the dogs and taking them on Runyon hikes. Crossroads is my go-to brunch spot, and Spring Place is where you’ll find me for lunch or dinner. I love to walk around West Hollywood and pop into shops. They are so many cute boutiques like Stella McCartney which is my favorite higher end line. I am a vegetarian and I try to dress vegan so what she is creating is unbelievable. I can wear her stuff and feel so stylish while feeling good about the clothes being cruelty free. Oh and they are opening a PLT in that area so I am going to assume this will be on my top 10 list once it opens!

5.Santa Monica Beach
6. Runyon Canyon
8.Spring Place
9.Stella McCartney
10. PLT

What do you have coming up for 2019, both personally and professionally?

I’m going to be visiting my family in Toronto this Christmas and then Larry and I are planning a ski trip for his birthday in January. Professionally, I’m working to expand Nia Lynn and grow my business, and personally, health is a priority in 2019. I also want to stay connected with my IG audience. They really inspire me and I hope I can return that favor. I have a lot of things up my sleeve so everyone will have to just have to wait and see!
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