Dr. Michele Green Dishes On Her Most Requested Procedure


Board-Certified dermatologist, Dr. Michele Green specializes in treating the most concerning skin conditions including rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation and more. As a Yale University graduate, Dr. Green has learned to become a skilled diagnostician with exceptional technical ability in today's most popular cosmetic treatments. Dr. Green sat down with Haute Beauty to share her most requested procedures and the new services she's excited to offer.


My greatest achievement?

The ability to connect with my patients and interact with them socially. Being a physician for more than 20 years has given me the ability to empathize and help my patients through illness and life challenges. Being a physician is not only about caring about your patients but also listening to them andunderstanding what they are going through. I have diagnosed and referred more than dermatologic conditions.


The future of my field is?

The future of dermatology is very bright with many technological, diagnostic and pharmaceutical breakthroughs on the horizon. The field of dermatology is a growing field and I predict more scientific breakthroughs in the future, especially with lasers and skin cancer.


The biggest misconception about my field is?

That dermatologists treat mostly acne. The skin is the largest organ and a board-certified dermatologist is trained to treat a multitude of skin conditions. These conditions range from acne, cosmetic surgery (lasers and injectables fillers) and skin cancer screenings.


My most requested procedures are?

The most requested procedures in my practice are Botox, Restylane, Juvéderm, Thermage, PRP for hair growth, Fraxel laser, Kybella, Cosmelan for melasma and Ematrix Laser for acne scars.


What surgical advancements are you most excited about?

Using Coolsculpting to freeze and eliminate fat. CoolSculpting can treat the abdomen, arms, thighs chin and flanks. This is one of the greatest advancements in dermatology and I am most excited to see the next generation of this technology.


What are you best known for?

I am best known for the ability to enhance one’s natural features creating a more youthful “you” with non-surgical antiwrinkle treatments such as Botox and injectable fillers such as Restylane and Juvéderm and Thermage.


What is your most memorable patient reaction?

I had a young woman with a long history of melasma. She went to several dermatologists before she came to my office and tried many procedures and creams. She was treated incorrectly with lasers. I treated her with two treatments of cosmelan and gave her a customized daily product treatment regimen. I cleared up all of the hyperpigmentation and made her so happy. She sent me a photo of herself on her wedding day and wrote a letter thanking me for her clear skin. In her words “I never thought my skin would look normal again.” This is the best my skin has looked in years.” It is rewarding when you can change someone’s life and how they feel about themselves.


What sets my practice apart is?

Experience, honesty, patience, compassion, sincerity, kindness and empathy. The ability to treat each patient as an individual getting to know them and understand them.


What I love most about my profession is?

That I have the privilege to treat patients of all ages, ethnicity, and social backgrounds. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to meet them and treat their various skin concerns. Also, getting to know them and their families over the years I have been in practice.


Career defining procedure?

Platelet enriched plasma for hair growth and facial rejuvenation. I have so many patients who have suffered from hair loss and I am so happy to have found a combination of topical treatments, oral medications and PRP injections to stimulate hair growth.


What new services are you excited to offer?

The advancement of stem cell in hair rejuvenation. PRP (platelet enriched plasma) and its ability to stimulate the hair follicle to regenerate hair growth. In addition to Velashape which uses a combination of technologies to contour the body reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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