Celebrity Makeup Artist Miho Suzuki Shares The Secret To Zoë Kravitz’ Youthful Skin In Season Two Of “Big Little Lies”

Miho Suzuki knows just what it takes to get healthy, radiant looking skin. After all, she is the celebrity makeup artist for actress Zoë Kravitz, who in charge of making Kravitz look beautiful for her role in Season Two's "Big Little Lies."

We caught up recently with Suzuki to talk about the challenges she faces on set and the secret to making Zoë Kravitz' skin youthful and glowing.

Tell us a little about your own unique makeup approach and the challenges of dealing with weather elements, location changes, etc. while on set.

I always focus to streamline the application process. I don’t do a lot of back and forth blending or a repetitive process. I only apply the necessary amount once and blend once. It gives the makeup a cleaner finish, no waste of the products and less products on the skin which ultimately makes the makeup lasts longer.

I always finish my makeup by airbrushing with TEMPTU. Blush and contour will look more natural by having a layer of TEMPTU over and it sets the makeup well instead of caking on the powder. Some artists spray setting spray but for me, I use TEMPTU.

I ended up using less and less powder Since I started using TEMPTU which many actors love it for comfort reasons and also I don’t have to disrupt the actors too much by touch-ups. It really is great!

We work under severe conditions on set. Extreme cold, extreme hot, moving around from one side of the town to the other, work early mornings, overnights and long long hours. All those things are very hard on actors’ skin. That is why I like to keep the makeup as light as possible. This is how TEMPTU has become my must-have item. It really tolerates the severe weather well while it feels so light on the skin. Since the TEMPTU AIR has been introduced, I don’t have to run around to look for the outlet and power! :)) How did I even do makeup before TEMPTU? It really is a godsend.

What products did you use on Zoë Kravitz' skin to make it look youthful and glowing?

Zoe’s character Bonnie in "Big Little Lies" Season 2 went through emotional hardship. So her character wasn’t wearing makeup in most of the scenes. I applied an ever so small amount of Koh Gen Do moisture foundation, like the size of a couple of lentils and applied like a wash. No eyeshadows, no blush.

As a finish, I airbrushed TEMPTU Perfect Canvas foundation instead of the powder. It sets matte enough but leaves a natural sheen. It really created a raw skin look. And I must say, I was grateful as Zoe took great care of her own skin too.

Every woman should have what beauty products?

It’s hard to say for everyone, as there are so many products out there these days, but here are the products that I won’t go to work without:

TEMPTU and TEMPTUAIR (I have a case that is only dedicated to hold TEMPTU items).
Klorane soothing and relaxing eye patches
Omorovicza balancing moisturizer
Koh Gen Do spa cleansing water and wipes
Chantecaille HD perfecting powder
YSL Touche Eclat radiant touch
Laura Mercier caviar stick eyeshadow / Amethyst
Urban Decay perversion waterproof fineliner
RMS buriti bronzer ( great on eyelids too)
MAC eye kohl / Smolder, Teddy, Prunella
A beauty blender sponge
Caudalie Beauty elixir and lip balm

What do you think is the secret to radiant looking skin?

I think healthy living. A lot of quality sleep, healthy eating habits, drink a lot of water, and a happy positive mind.

Photo Credit: Miho Suzuki/5WPR