Renowned Dermatologist Opens Highly Anticipated Skincare “Office Of The Future” In New York’s Hottest New Neighborhood  

This summer, renowned dermatologist and laser surgeon Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali celebrated the opening to his new practice Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery with Haute Beauty. The new office, located at Hudson Yards, the first new neighborhood in New York City in 30 years, is known for the ultra-futuristic sculpture called “The Vessel.” It comes as no surprise that the future of skincare fits right in to its new digs.

“I always joke it’s like a Willy Wonka style chocolate factor where we are fortunate enough to create many of the new technologies and products for the field” said Dr. Bhanusali of the new practice. Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery is a comprehensive practice, treating diverse conditions ranging from hair loss to complex scars, medical dermatology to cutting edge cosmetic and laser surgery.

Dr. Bhanusali, likely amongst the youngest, is one of the rising stars of the Dermatology world.  While being a successful Dermatology, Dr. Bhanusali is equally known for his accomplishments in the Digital health world as well.  His career started while in training, launching Health Digital, a hybrid Venture Captial/ Development firm aimed at shaping the future of medicine. In his first year in practice, he received international and national acclaim for his treatment of a young slashing victim pro-bono.  Since then, he has successful helped launch Fast Beauty Co., the highly anticpated first exclusive launch from Amazon and helped with development on various products including Proctor and Gamble’s upcoming Opté.  On the non-dermatology front, Dr. Bhanusali has been building various companies to better the field of Dermatology, including Skin Medicinals, a compounding platform that aims to lower drug prices for patients and improve accessibility.  He’s also worked to develop platforms like HairStim, a novel platform for compounded hair loss medications and AIRE, a health innovation plaform redefining the way dermatologists connect to technology.  Dr. Bhanusali also helps develop new laser technologies and serves as an advisor for some of the world’s largest brands including Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean and Clear, L’Oreal, Sciton, Allergan, and others.

The ethos of Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery is based around two disctine beliefs- 1.) Do the right thing and 2.) If it doesn’t exist, build it.

Dr. Bhanusali specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology and looks to bridge the gap between cutting edge technologies and established paradigms. He has become a go-to for celebrities and fashion models has served as medical advisor for SI Swimsuit and conducted skin cancer screenings for both the NY Mets and NY Yankees.

“I feel fortunate to be a dermatologist and it is privilege to represent my field and care for the patients we see," said Dr. Bhanusali.

“Being in Hudson Yards, I feel like we have a front row seat to the future of New York and (I) couldn’t be more excited to provide patients a unique experience beyond anything they could have ever imagined ,” he added.

Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery is ground zero for the newest and latest products and procedures (often developed and tested on premises). “Our patients often become the sample audience, providing thoughts and feedback, for some of the biggest launches in the world. “

From virtual reality integration to new beauty category development, the state-of-the-art facility truly is unique and fulfills the vision Dr. Bhanusali always had for how he believes Dermatology should be practiced.

Dr. Bhanusali shared pictures of the new office and of the opening party with Haute Beauty. Photos by Swapnil Junjare. 

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