Confidence In Your Skin With Psoriasis

Psoriasis causes outbreaks of plaques on certain parts of the skin.
Psoriasis outbreak

Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. For some people, Psoriasis is part of their life and can hinder their self-esteem. But if you are one of them, do not let it and be confident!

People living with Psoriasis know too well what it is like to be a bit different from those who do not have the autoimmune disease. An outbreak produces plaques, which are uncomfortable, itchy or sore disfigurements on the skin. Mostly, it shows on the scalp, face, back, elbows, palms, knees and feet.

The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) estimates that there are 7.5 million people in the United States that have Psoriasis. The NPF was created in 1996 and has worked ever since to “drive efforts to cure psoriatic disease and improve the lives of those affected,” per its website.

Being socially snubbed by some (or many) is common amongst those that have Psoriasis. If you are one of them, do not feel alone and that you are lost at sea. The Internet age is here to connect you to others who are going through the same trial as you. The NPF has a page dedicated to doing just that, as well as learn about Psoriasis and advice on how to live with it.

Celebrity mogul Kim Kardashian is outspoken about her battle with Psoriasis. “If you have Psoriasis, you can’t let it ruin your life or get the best of you,” she wrote in an essay posted on Poosh, her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s website. “You have to do what you can to make sure you are comfortable but not let it take over.”