Get To Know Anti-Aging Expert Brian Burk Of Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami

Dr. Brian Burk

My greatest achievement...

My greatest personal achievement has to do with finding purpose and meaning in my life thanks to the many transformations we have been able to do at Rewind. Thanks to our therapies and expert advice on medicine, lifestyle, and fitness, we have been able to add years to the lives of our clients. Many of them have become personal friends and now they are part of my family.  

At Rewind, we have an opportunity to positively impact people’s lives on a daily basis.  We take people that come to us with low energy or the inability to lose body fat and we help change their lives to be healthier. We teach them how to maintain and maximize their progress for long-term success. 

The future of my field is...

The future of my field is that we will see a shift in the way people approach their healthcare. Instead of taking reactive decisions after a diagnosis, informed individuals will seek out information in a proactive way and adopt healthy lifestyles to prevent disease. We refer to the healthcare system as the ‘sick-care’ system because sadly it isn’t helping people become healthy anymore but allowing them to remain sick. I think we’re at a tipping point healthwise in America and sadly it seems like the unhealthy side is going to win unless something dramatic happens soon.  Too often we see patients put on medications that allow them to not change their lives and to continue living unhealthy.

The biggest misconception about my field is...

I think there are two very important misconceptions.  

The first is that we are all on steroids and that it’s going to make us sick and we’re going to get huge.  What people don’t realize is that all of the hormones that we use are bio-identical and second that we only take enough of these products to put us at levels consistent with when we were younger or basically at more of an optimal level.  Our levels aren’t supernatural but rather the upper end of natural.

At Rewind, we have four pillars to success: optimized hormones, healthier eating, more exercise, and personal accountability.  When we get our clients to buy into those tenets they see amazing results. Thankfully most of our clients see great results because they come to us struggling and ready for a change so when we get their energy levels up they really take advantage of the second chance they’ve been given. 

This leads us to discuss the second misconception about going on hormone replacement therapy. People believe that it is going to magically make someone feel amazing and to automatically be in shape. Let’s think about when were teenagers and had great hormones. Being in shape required effort even back then. Our job is to restore your hormone levels and restore your energy to how they were in those years of your life. Being in shape will require as much effort as when you were a teenager, however, you will be able to maximize your workouts in a smart way under our guidance. Our clients feel much better from an energy perspective and that energy can lead to much better health and to look much healthier and younger.  But it requires a great deal of commitment to our four pillars and it does require work. Even people with amazing hormones need to exercise and eat healthy to have equally amazing health. 

My most requested therapies are...

Our most requested therapies are testosterone optimization therapy for men and women, human growth hormone boosting peptide therapy, vitamin injectable therapies, peptides for injury recovery and our weight loss program. All of these programs allow our clients to fight back against aging, obesity, lack of energy and a gradual decline in their health. 

What advancements are you most excited about?

The science of extending the human “healthspan” is the focus of a tremendous amount of resources being invested right now, from companies that are looking into supplying the next best anti-aging solution. 

Just recently, a new study came out in which a cocktail of frequently used but rarely paired medicines generated an actual setback of the epigenetic clock. Instead of getting a year older during the trial, nine subjects got a year younger, on average. Even the organizers of the trial were shocked because they had hoped for a slowing of the markers but not a reversal. 

That particular study indicates that our industry will see some amazing breakthroughs in the coming years.  From our perspective, it also reinforced how we view our programs and success because the medications used in the study are all medications we use as part of our Anti-Aging programs. Personally I think even larger and more impactful therapies are on the horizon. 

Rewind Anti Aging

 What is your most memorable client reaction?

The Text message below was received on August 7th at 10:48pm. 


I enjoyed the visit today.  Thank you for your support in the past 3 months, I was in a bad place and now I'm seeing the light.

My big takeaways: The program works and makes sense!

Your explanations, common-sense approach, and passion are key.  Take it from a fellow entrepreneur, your personal care and delivery are key to keeping your customer motivated to succeed and refer you more clients.  I would not think about going anywhere else and commuting to Miami is Worth it to me.

You empower me to want to do much better and reach goals I never thought I would see, let alone at my age of 54.

Thanks again for making today one of the most memorable ones I've ever had.   You made me feel like a winner in an area of my life I've never been able to win at!”

  What sets Rewind Anti-Aging Miami apart…

I founded Rewind because I once sat on the other side of the table where my clients now sit. I was suffering from low energy, depression and getting back into shape was incredibly difficult and getting more difficult by the day.  This has given me great insight into how our clients feel and why they’re coming to us. I have real empathy and understanding of many of the issues they’re dealing with.

I have great confidence in our programs and how they can change the lives of our clients because I personally experienced these programs on a daily basis.

Lastly, prior to founding Rewind, I was a client at a different clinic and received poor service. That is one of the reasons why we aim at providing exceptional programs and services. 

My ultimate  Anti-Aging advice...

The common denominator among the individuals who have mastered the art of preventing or reversing the aging process is just getting started. In that sense, my ultimate Anti-Aging advice is to seek out the advice of an expert and to buy into the program 100%. At Rewind, we oversee the anti-aging process for all of our clients. From optimized hormones to curating an all-around healthy lifestyle, you can be certain that we will take good care of you and help you achieve your goals. 

Career defining moment?

Receiving poor care from another clinic is what convinced me to start Rewind Anti-Aging.  I felt so good that I wanted to send my ten best friends to the clinic but I couldn’t expose them to that awful service.  As a result, I realized what an amazing opportunity this was to build a business where you help people so much that they want to refer their best friends and family members.  

 My moto is...

When I look back at my life I will now that if I failed It wasn’t because I didn’t work hard enough. I refuse to be outworked.  

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