Get To Know Cardiology Expert Dr. Kevin Coy

Dr. Kevin Coy


My greatest achievements are... 

My children, a son and two daughters.

The future of Cardiology is...

Continued expansion of minimally invasive procedures and perhaps genetic breakthroughs that will favorably impact coronary disease prevention and eradicate the Western world's deadliest killer.

The biggest misconception about Cardiology:

Is the lack of public acceptance with regards to pharmacologic treatment for prevention of common disorders such as hypercholesterolemia and hypertension.

I am excited about:

New minimally invasive valve replacement procedures.

I am best known for:

My business acumen in Medicine as a visionary seeing the changes in healthcare and being prepared with solutions. I was one of the first physicians in the country to take my group and partner with a hospital system over 15 years ago , now more than 80 % of Cardiovascular groups have done so nationwide.

What is your most memorable patient reaction?

I have been fortunate to have many amazing patients over the years! One of the most memorable was a gentleman who unexpectedly suffered a cardiac arrest in front of me and I was able to save his life and facilitate him getting a heart transplant. I have operated on fathers and sons, brothers on the same day, husbands and wives.

What sets my practice apart?

I have developed an International clientele throughout the Caribbean with patients accessing me by patient to patient referrals.

What I love most about my profession:

I love the personal interactions with patients and families, that is the most satisfying aspect of practice.

Career defining procedure?

I performed the first Alcohol Septal ablation in Florida a procedure that creates a controlled heart attack and improves the patient lives who suffers with a condition called Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy. The patient is alive today more than 20 years later.

What new services are you excited to offer?

I offer Concierge services to International clients supporting their health care needs and providing advocacy and support during illness.

My most requested procedures are:

Coronary interventions (angioplasty) in patients who have complex disease.

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