How Dr. Maercks’ IPL Photofacial Actually Reverses Sun Damage And More

Editor’s Note: Rian A. Maercks, M.D., P.A., American Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, is an artist and a leading aesthetic, craniofacial, and reconstructive plastic surgeon, based in Miami, Florida. His private practice, The Maercks Institute, is located in beautiful Design District and is fully equipped with a tastefully designed office and an AAAHC qualified operating room. 

IPL Facial Before and After
Before & After: Patient after two Photofacial sessions. Red indicates sun spots and damage.

Photo Credit: The Maercks Institute

We already know that sun protection is a must in order to protect against sun damage and the obvious signs of aging. Previously, once the damage was done, there was wasn't much else to do except concealing it and trying to prevent further damage. Now, in a simple facial treatment that takes less than 30 minutes, Dr. Maercks is able to painlessly make sunspots vanish and physically reverse the damage..

BroadBand Light or BBL is a new technology that uses light energy to heat the targeted areas and stimulate the skin to regenerate new collagen foundations. In doing so, the “IPL Photofacial” also treats acne, uneven skin texture, pigmented lesions such as age spots or freckles, vascular lesions such as small blood vessels and firms skin.

BBL facial before and after
Pore size decreased, reduced redness and an overall more even complexion after two photofacials.

Photo Credit: The Maercks Institute

During the treatment Dr. Maercks applies safety glasses and a topical anesthetic to the treatment area. The patient will feel a warm snapping sensation for a moment, that dissipates over the next hour. Following the treatment Dr. Maercks will apply a gentle sunscreen as it is imperative to protect the skin while it is in this vulnerable state.

In the week following the treatment, patients will notice some redness and flaking of the skin where pigmented lesions were treated.

The photofacial typically costs $1,250 and includes 2 sessions.

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