Lollipop Lips With Russian Lip Technique by Dr. Avaliani

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr. Anna Avaliani

Meet the True Lip Injection Master of NYC: Dr. Anna Avaliani. The master injection of Russian lip technique in NYC. The Master Lip injector of Julie Horne Technique and the creator of a Lillipop Thread Technique for best possible natural lips ever is here in NYC.

Want Russian Style lips? You got it. Want Julie Horn Diamond Lips? You got it. Want perfect, luscious, natural and sexy lips? You got it.

Dr. Avaliani is a leading female cosmetic physician on Park Avenue in NYC specializing in advanced injection techniques for the face and especially lips. Dr.Avaiani is a member of a prestigious GAIN faculty of Galderma Aesthetics and is in her second year of being a national trainer of advanced injection techniques to her peers locally and internationally.

What exactly is a Russian Lip Technique?

It is almost never about the product used but always about the injection technique used. Russian Lip technique involves a threading technique and a droplet technique combination to increase the height of the lips and occasionally change/alter the shape of the lips. This technique is highly skilled and requires a very trained hand and anatomy knowledge as well as a proper choice of a product to avoid unevenness, lumps, bumps, etc.

The filler is threaded like tiny little straight lines to give some height and the droplet technique allows to add subtle volume/enhancement to deflated of flat areas in the lip. Droplet technique is great to enhance the center of the top and bottom lips.

What is the Julie Horne Technique?

Julie invented her “Diamond Ratio “and developed and designed her unique technique using “tiny fences” to build and add subtle height, volume, border definition without giving forward projection, which means no duck lips, EVER!

Dr.Avaliani reviewed this injection technique to add to her expert portfolio of injection techniques since she is national trainer and because she is always on top of the best, the latest, and safest injection practices in US and the whole world.

Introducing Dr.Avaliani’s Lillipop Thread technique to achieve the most volume using the least amount of product possible

Lillipops are filler threads injected with expert skill to add lip height and volume all in one injection technique. This technique allows for super luscious, full and natural lips ever. No bumps and almost never any bruising. See some examples here:

Lollipop lipsPhoto Credit: Photos courtesy of Dr. Avaliani

Dr. Avaliani offers full line of all dermal fillers available and makes the final decision what product to use based on the individual anatomy and the desired result the patient wishes to achieve.

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