Pennsylvania-Based Dr. Bloom Has The First FDA Cleared, Non-Invasive, Full Facial Contouring Treatment

Dr. Jason D. Bloom is an award-winning, Ivy-League trained, double board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon.  His extensive experience and reputable training provide the foundation for his excellent technical skills and surgical aesthetic. He is dedicated to the treatment of patients with both cosmetic concerns and reconstructive problems of the head and neck.

Haute Beauty sits down with Dr. Bloom to learn more about Evoke, the first FDA cleared hands-free facial contouring device. If you have a double chin, jowls or chubby cheeks and are not ready for a more invasive procedure with more downtime, Evoke works to tighten skin and contour tissue with a few in-office visits.

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HB: What is Evoke and what does it treat?

This is a brand new device on the market that uses bipolar radiofrequency (RF) technology to power the first and only hand-free facial contouring and remodeling device cleared by the FDA. The RF energy produces heat under the face and neck/chin soft tissues which deliver a non-invasive three-dimensional subdermal remodeling & tissue tightening.

HB: How does Evoke work?

The patient comes into the office and puts on the Evoke jowl/jawline or submental/chin headpiece, depending on the specific areas that the patient would like to target. Some ultrasound gel is applied to the area and then the surface temperature and device energy are gradually increased while checking for patient comfort. The treatment is very comfortable and most patients are then able to watch TV, surf the internet, read a book, use their mobile devices or take a rest while the treatment is occurring. The patient does have a call bell or signaling device that they can press to stop the treatment and notify the practitioner that they are requesting some assistance.

The bipolar RF energy produces a volumetric heating that propagates through the skin to remodel the dermal and subdermal tissues, providing more defined facial characteristics. The heating that is created and generates new collagen in the subdermal tissues and then contraction of the tissue, tightening it and improving facial contour.

The procedure does not require any numbing or anesthesia and it is extremely tolerable to the patient. The treatments take between 30-45 minutes and only some ultrasound gel is used on the skin to help with comfort and tissue contact. The device does not break the skin surface, so it is completely non-invasive and has no downtime.

HB: Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

This procedure is best for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity and some areas of the face that are more “full” and that they would like contoured, like moderate jowling, “chubby cheeks” or a double chin. It is a beneficial procedure for those that do not have a lot of downtime and want real results in as little as a few short treatments. Evoke works well for those that want non-invasive improvement and who don't want or are not ready for a procedure with more downtime.

HB: How does this treatment compare to others of the same nature?

Evoke offers painless, non-invasive, hands-free facial contouring and remodeling for my patients in a few easy treatments that my extenders can safely perform in the office. That treatment cost is doable for most patients in my practice that are looking for non-invasive treatments. This differs from some of the other radiofrequency (RF) devices because you can target certain areas of interest like the jowls or double chin and it is completely hands-free, so com of your office staff and be freed up to see other patients while the patient is comfortable and the treatment is occurring. It is a perfect device given the current precautions that we are taking in the office because patient contact, time in the rooms are limited and the patient can wear a mask. It is “contactless contouring” of the face.

HB: What does recovery look like?

There is absolutely no downtime or recovery because the Evoke device is completely non-invasive. Patients can leave the office and go right back to their daily activities without anyone noticing. It is truly a "lunch time" treatment.

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