Changing The Stigma Of Hair Restoration With Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali

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Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali is a Dermatologist, Clinical Investigator and Laser Surgeon based out of Manhattan and Miami. Dr. Bhanusali is leading the next generation of cosmetic doctors, utilizing novel methods and the latest technologies to create results that were once thought impossible. He is quickly becoming the doctor of choice for young Hollywood celebrities, as well as athletes and models around the country.

Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Bhanusali to learn about the strides that have been made in hair restoration technology and why dealing with hair loss shouldn't be as intimidating as it seems.

HB: Why do you think there has been an uptick in hair restoration procedures at your practice?

It's becoming one of the most asked about procedures in our office. Now is the perfect time for people wanting to do it because they have nowhere to go and they are wearing masks if they go out. Before I used to have to beg people to get two days of downtime now they're like, “have at it.”

HB: What’s your advice to people who may be intimidated by the idea of hair restoration?

Most people think about the archaic and barbaric ways they used to do transplants and hair plugs. They still remember the crazy things they saw in the past and that’s freaking them out. Now, we have created a much better system. Like adding PRP to maintain graft integrity.

There are a lot of different things you can do to create a better experience for people. Before, it was one size fits all and now that is not the case. We have matured in how we approach transplant sites, grafting, and implants.

Everything makes a difference even the little tweaks that people might not appreciate, like the ability to wash your hair in between harvesting and implanting. These are things that we're learning more about each day.

Dr. Bhaval BhanusaliPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

HB: What is the in-office experience like for patients getting hair transplants?

We like to give patients a virtual reality headset because these procedures are roughly five hours long. We're lucky because we have people who are offering to fly around the world to see us so I think like now more than ever there's an appetite for doing things a certain way and I think people are just very happy.

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