JLo Beauty: The Secret To Timeless Glow And Ageless Skin

Jennifer LopezPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Jennifer Lopez recently debuted her new line of skincare products: JLo Beauty.

Lopez, who is well known for her exceptional skin and ageless glow, has launched eight-skin care products that prove to its users that ‘beauty has no expiration date.’  JLo Beauty offers luxurious but accessible skincare that will make you feel youthful and great at any age. The debut collection features:

  • Multitasking serum
  • Multitasking mask
  • Wonder cream
  • Gel-cream cleanser
  • Instant complexion booster
  • Eye cream
  • A broad spectrum SPF 30 moisturizer
  • Dietary supplement

When creating her collection, Lopez wanted to ensure that her products were modeled by the tips and tricks that she has implemented into her own beauty routine. The secret to her flawless skin and ageless glow are “The 5 S’s”: sleep, supplements, sunscreen, serum, and sano – which translates to living a healthy, sane life. She also credits her mother with being an example of maintaining flawless skin. Olive oil, the go-to beauty secret that has been passed down to her, is one of the main ingredients included in her products, taking the moisturizing and rejuvenating properties of the oil to create a blend custom-designed for the skin. Listed on the brand's website is the four-part olive blend used within products which contain: olive-derived squalene for hydration, fermented oil that absorbs quickly and moistures effectively, olive leaf extract that is rich in polyphenols for potent antioxidant protection, and extra virgin olive oil, an antioxidant and nutrient-rich natural moisturizer that gives an instant glow. The JLo Beauty Olive Complex, which she calls “liquid gold,” is said to provide instant and lasting glow, all-day hydration, and visibly smoother, plumper skin.

For about 20 years, Lopez knew that she wanted to share the beauty secrets used to maintain her most talked about feature: her skin. She insisted on taking her time with the creation of each product to guarantee that JLo Beauty would be a reflection of her values, her beliefs, and her lifestyle. As promoted on their website, the brand has gone through over 100 rounds of product development in order to create formulas that provide a range of benefits that are instant, long-term, and clinically show results.

All products listed can be found at jlobeauty.com.