Keys Soulcare: The Connection To The Mind, Body, And Spirit

Alicia KeysPhoto Credit: ShutterstockAlicia Keys has created a lifestyle beauty brand that will connect your mind, body, and spirit.

Keys Soulcare combines the power of serious skincare and soul-nurturing rituals in order to empower others. Inspired by her own skincare journey and love of ancient beauty rituals, the purpose of the lifestyle beauty brand goes beyond skincare, providing care for the whole self. To her, it’s not just the products used that make up her routine, it’s the connection to the body to be the most beautiful self - inside and out, the mind to feed curiosity and elevate awareness, and the spirit to find a piece of peace within yourself – which are the main mantras that Keys Soulcare promotes to its users. Keys ensured to combine her spirituality as well as her importance of self-care by infusing soul-enriching intentions, symbolic icons, affirming mantras, and recommended rituals to create a transforming personal ceremony for each individual that uses her products.

The Keys Soulcare Collection includes:

- Comforting Balm
- Reviving Aura Mist
- Golden Cleanser
- Skin Transformation Cream
- Be Luminous Exfoliator
- Harmony Mask
- Obsidian Facial Roller


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Finding inspiration from ancient beauty rituals, Keys Soulcare includes time-honored minerals and botanicals within their ingredients such as malachite, Manuka honey, and Hojicha powder. Combined with modern ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and bakuchiol, the formulas within the collection are highly effective yet gentle enough for all skin types. As mentioned on their website, the brand remains up to date with FDA and European Union Cosmetics Regulation guidelines to certify that any and all restricted substances are excluded from their formulas. Partnered with a board-certified dermatologist, Keys has created clean, safe, and guaranteed cruelty-free formulas with every one of her skincare offerings.

Alicia Keys’ passion for skincare and self-wellness exudes through Keys Soulcare. Her skincare routine is a time where she allows herself space to slow down, meditate, and nurture her body. With the creation of her line, her goal was to ensure that every soul experienced the same moment of self-love and acceptance that she does while using her products.

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