Actress Danielle Savre Donates Her Eggs To Help Friend Start A Family

Danielle SavrePhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Known for playing a lead role on ABC’s Station 19, Danielle Savre recently donated her eggs to childhood best friend Chris Ogden-Harkins and his husband Jacob Ogden-Harkins to help the happy couple start a family. 

“I donated my eggs to Chris and Jake and now their surrogate is pregnant and will be having a baby this November,” she said on ABC 7 beside the soon-to-be parents. “This family is about to get bigger!” 

Expecting a baby girl in November, Chris and Jacob plan to name their daughter Aspen Grey. In fact, they’ve already created an Instagram profile to allow others to follow their journey through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, and fatherhood. “I think we're hoping this makes people less scared about approaching this,” Savre said.


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Interestingly, the 32-year-old actress actually timed the surrogacy news with the season finale of Station 19, which saw her character Maya Bishop wed the love of her life Dr. Carina DeLuca (played by Stefania Spampinato). “It’s one of those where there's relationship drama, some fires, and big twists that are gonna happen,” Savre said about the episode. “What better day for this piece to air than during the #station19 finale, with a gay wedding, at the start of pride month!”  

As for the couple, they’re thrilled about what’s to come. “Everyone's blown away by what you can do now with science,” Jake said. “It's amazing. It's beautiful. Not to sound corny, it's magical. It's been amazing. Thanks to Danielle.”

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For anyone experiencing fertility issues, the processes of IVF — which assists with embryo formation prior to implantation — and surrogacy can offer many potential parents the incredible chance of having a healthy baby. For same-sex couples who want to learn more information, read our article: “Fertility Options For LGBTQ+ Couples