5 Common Questions About Botox Timing

Rachel M. Duke, NP, CANS, started her career of caring for patients in 1997 as a Registered Nurse. She worked in the Emergency Department and as an Organ Transplant Coordinator through 2004 before deciding to become a Nurse Practitioner. Through those experiences, she discovered a love for aesthetics and shifted her focus to the industry in 2005. In 2013, Rachel became Central Virginia’s first Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. She trained with leading aesthetic experts across the country to perfect her craft, with a focus on delivering the best outcomes for her patients. She launched Richmond’s first nurse-owned and physician-independent Injectables Boutique in 2020. Rachel has been named one of America’s Top 100 Injectors since 2018, and Real Self tapped her as one of its Top 25 Injectors. Haute Beauty expert Rachel Duke discusses five common questions about the purpose, process, and effects of Botox and the timing of treatment.

botoxPhoto Credit: ShutterstockHere are a few considerations when it comes to scheduling your Botox treatment.

Haute Beauty: When should I schedule?

The timing of your appointment is important — especially before a big event. Botox takes two weeks to fully take effect. So if you need it to be just right before a special event plan accordingly.

HB: How should I time treatment before a special event?

I recommend 3-4 weeks before.

botoxPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

HB: Should I plan for after-care?

There’s really no downtime. I recommend keeping your head elevated for four hours and refraining from exercising the day of treatment.

HB: When should I follow up?

After your first Botox appointment with me, whether or not you’re new to Botox, I have you follow up with me in two weeks. Botox is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Every patient is treated differently according to their needs and desired outcomes. Because of this, the treatment may require an adjustment at two weeks to get it just right.

HB: How long will it last?

Results will last three to four months.

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