The Facts On Faces: Doctors Discuss All Things Facial


Brand Ambassador for Haute Living and moderator Dr. Sachin Shridharani hosted his first webinar with some of the world's finest aesthetic surgeons. Dr. Shridharani is a Harvard-educated, Johns Hopkins trained, a renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon based on Manhattan’s famed Fifth Avenue and the founder of LUXURGERY - The confluence of luxury and aesthetic surgery.

The conversation sprouted as they began speaking about Botox, toxins, dermal fillers, and shifted to injectables that have been recently approved by FDA, rhinoplasty, and cosmetic trends.

Haute Beauty face experts gave enlightening information while discussing all things facial. Read on below for highlight quotes from all participating plastic surgeons!

Highlight Quotes:

Dr. Sachin Shridharani

"People often will assume that everything can be fixed with a syringe and I joke and say heaven forbid we ever use a scalpel anymore. We have this surgical training and sometimes we're going to need to actually do surgery, but the fact is, is that there are a lot of ways to rejuvenate the face."

"I think it's always important to ask your injector, the person who is treating you 'what are you using', and safety-wise understanding what it is they're putting on your face and whether or not it's potentially reversible."

Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz

"For the preorbital area, I have stuck to actually one type of filler and in my practice, I use Belotero a lot. I think it's very forgiving. It's very unpredictable to inject the lower lids, I always tell the patient it doesn't matter who injects you, how many years of experience, even the same person can inject you one time and can have a great result and others not. The anatomy of the area is very difficult."

Dr. P. Daniel Ward

"In terms of injecting the nose, we all know that there are risks associated with it, and it always kind of surprises patients when I say that frankly, I'm doing an injection that makes me a little bit more nervous than doing a surgical rhinoplasty. I really feel like those of us who focus on the face really are the ones that patients are seeking this out from."

Dr. Brannon Claytor

"[Botox] is fascinating in how it's been able to be morphed into not just treating glabellar lines but also being used in direct injection through [the] aqua gold product which is a multi whole chamber that will deliver the Botox throughout the face."

Dr. Jason Bloom

"We have a lot of training in rhinoplasty and nasal anatomy and who better to do this, but certainly, we can't be flipping about it, we need to take it seriously and understand that there are risks and our patients need to understand that. I really haven't seen a thread in the nose during surgery but I certainly see a lot of patients that come in wanting rhinoplasty who have had filler in their nose. So, in those cases, I always inject to dissolve the filler prior to going to the operating room at least a week or so prior to surgery and we do that so we can see the true anatomy and what things are going to look like before getting in there."

Dr. Nirmal Nathan

"I think one of the things that I love about the renuvion device is it's so versatile. When you know how to use a device in the right energy settings, it has a role in a traditional face that should be careful in the areas that use it in the energy settings. It has a role for a patient that we all see that are in that gray area between 'are they a liposuction candidate only' versus some type of more aggressive surgical intervention that requires skin tightening."

Dr. Jack Zamora

"Plasma energy is the creation of a special type of energy by the ionization of the gas. We can ionize argon gas, helium gas, nitrogen gas, and when we apply specific energy in this case, radiofrequency energy, which turns into a great transmitter of the energy that's been used. When we apply it to the tissue it's impressive in that we're able to selectively coagulate certain types of tissue with lower impedance like collagen."

Watch the webinar below: