Miley Cyrus Is The New Face Of Gucci Beauty

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Last month, Gucci followed its vision of beauty and self-expression when they revealed that famed multi-platinum selling singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus would serve as the new face of Gucci Beauty. The collaboration between these two powerful forces in fashion, beauty, and pop culture is captured in the new Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia fragrance.

The official campaign video has now been released stirring excitement for the evocative and ethereal luxury scent. Gucci’s Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum will be available beginning in August exclusively at Sephora followed by a nationwide release later in October.


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The Miley Cyrus x Gucci collaboration centers upon the notion of free individualism and unapologetic contradiction. These ideals resonate with Cyrus who claims that “self-expression is a huge part of who [she is] and what [she tries] to encourage [her] fans and those around [her] to believe in — to always wear your heart on your sleeve, and to embrace all of the qualities and experiences that make us who we are.”

In recent years, Miley Cyrus has become synonymous with her platinum blonde mullet and edgy aesthetic which perhaps does not present the most straightforward correlation with a delicate fragrance. However, Cyrus stands behind the statement that beauty cannot be confined to a singular image or ideal. According to Cyrus, Flora Gorgeous Gardenia and the scent of a home garden are heavily associated with a sense of authenticity. She explains, "I think and feel of my garden at home, which is unruly and free. It represents my spirit. It's important to allow nature to be its truest, most authentic, magical self, and that's what I embody when I'm wearing Flora."


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The creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, believes that “fragrances are explorations and flowers, in particular, represent a world of infinite possibilities. Just as you can delight in drawing out different notes from a bouquet—in this case, the Gardenia, whose scent is unusual, sensual, and intense.” This specific campaign in collaboration with Miley Cyrus explores a world of enchantment with a playful blend of the musician’s rock and roll spirit and traditionally feminine florals.

The creative direction for this campaign was led by Michele and was shot by Petra Collins who also conducted the photoshoot for the collaboration announcement. Kawaii culture, anime, and Japanese pop references served as substantial inspiration for this project as showcased in the campaign video.

Cyrus can be seen immersed in a whimsical fantasy of poodles, kittens, and vibrant floral arrangements. She is pictured emerging from a pink house in Gucci’s fanciful universe onto a beautiful beach in a purple puff sleeve top, a pink sequin neckpiece, checkered trousers, and presents a bottle of the fragrance. Montages of Cyrus in a floral garden and running around on the beach are intertwined within the video as well as cutesy animations.

Ultimately, the newly released campaign content serves as an artistic embodiment of Miley Cyrus and Gucci Beauty with visual personifications of sweet florals and self-expression.