From Battling Migraines to Evening Skincare: How Serena Williams Achieves A Good Night’s Sleep

Serena WilliamsPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Imagine working as a professional tennis champion who continuously trains and conditions, but you also own a clothing line and engage in other various business ventures; all the while, you juggle mothering a 4-year-old daughter and spending time with your husband on family trips. As it turns out, that’s a piece of life for Serena Williams, who wants to ensure she’s “always ready for any challenges.” 

For the 40-year-old athlete, that translates to caring for her mind and body. On top of treating her severe migraine attacks — a problem she’s endured for the majority of her life — with the prescription medicine Ubrelvy, Williams also credits a good night’s sleep to staying healthy and stress-free.


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Even though she’s a night owl, Williams always strives to get at least eight hours sleep each night. In order to be asleep around 11 p.m. or midnight, she’ll start her nighttime routine early to help her wind down after a long day. Essentially, that includes her evening skincare routine. “I’ve been using coconut oil for years to wash the makeup off my face. Then I love using serums, creams, and masks to ensure my face feels clean, smooth, and hydrated before bed,” Williams told Glamour

Pointing out the importance of hydration for healthy skin and muscle recovery, Williams ensures to keep water by her bedside. At the same time, she avoids snacking — especially sugar — before bed because it usually keeps her awake for longer periods of time. 

It also helps that she relaxes with the occasional eye and face mask before bed. Plus, who wouldn’t be able to lull themselves to sleep with William’s choice of pajamas? “I do love a cute set of silk pajamas because there’s nothing like getting into a fresh bed while wearing silk,” she said. “It truly feels like heaven!”