Outweigh Everyday Aging Factors With These Lifestyle Modifications

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In our older ages, we are presented with more stressful situations and sleepless nights. These factors have a heavy weight on the aging and wellness of our bodies. In the case of both of these predicaments, it is important to implement lifestyle modifications and treatments that can be of benefit to oneself. Haute Beauty sat down with Haute Beauty experts to discuss these everyday aging stressors and how you can outweigh them both at home and in-office. Here is what they had to say:

Dr. Tatiana Batista, Chicago Breast & Body Aesthetics | Anti-Aging | Chicago

Stress and sleep significantly affect aging and well-being and they are interrelated. Poor sleep and not enough sleep can cause increased stress as well as anxiety and depression. It can also cause weight gain and irritability by increasing your cortisol levels. In order to address the issue, your doctor will want to understand your lifestyle and form a plan on what changes can be made in order to improve and ultimately reduce stress including dietary changes like eating a more balanced diet, physical changes like exercise, and mental changes including meditation and breathing exercises.

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Dr. Deepa Verma | Integrative Anti-Aging | Tampa/St.Petersburg

In my integrative/anti-aging practice, I stress the 4 pillars of a healthy lifestyle which include a clean diet, exercise, restorative sleep, and stress management. The latter too often can take a backseat as everyone likes to focus on the first 2 pillars as they seem the most obvious in the journey to wellness. Stress is an inevitable part of life and is normal for the body to experience. Our bodies are equipped to handle stress, fear, and danger, but in moderate amounts. Once we let stress overpower our natural mechanisms, we wreak havoc on our mind-body-spirit. Our hormones start to become imbalanced, and this includes dysfunction of the adrenals and thyroid.

On top of that, we may experience disturbed sleep which alters our circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, sleep is underrated. Without proper sleep, our brains and bodies cannot regenerate. Sleep is necessary to shut down the body in order for it to repair itself. Too little or too much sleep is detrimental to the body, and along with improper stress management, all these set off a chain of inflammatory events in the body which contribute to obesity, heart disease, anxiety, diabetes, endocrine disruption, and more. Furthermore, this is the perfect storm that accelerates the aging process and makes one look and feel older than they really are.

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Dr. Liia Ramachandra | Health & Wellness | Chicago

Here are my 3 suggestions:

1. It is not the stress that 'kills' us, it is really our reaction to it. When we meditate, provide ourselves with positive affirmations, self-love, and kindness every day we are telling our minds that we can control only what we can control. This allows us to let go of what is placing a large weight on our stress.

2. Deep breathing in and out: 4 times in, 4 times out plus repeat 5 times, will really help you calm your mind.

3. Striving for inner calmness is great, but a little pampering now and then will do wonders. Take some time for yourself: a spa day, blow-dry, a little facial now and then will do miracles for your stress, self-love and will give you peace of mind!

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