This Is How You Can Balance Your Hormone Levels As They Deplete With Age

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It is no secret that our hormone levels reduce as we age. As age takes a toll on our bodies, and especially our hormones, we begin to experience effects such as weight gain, hair loss, and lack of energy. Those hormones stimulate cell growth and many other functions of the body. Research has found that replacing certain hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and hormones produced by the thyroid can help bring your body back into balance. Haute Beauty sat down with Xandau Medspa to understand bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

What is bioidentical hormone replacement (HRT) therapy?

It is the most convenient and effective method of hormone replacement available. The therapy involves the simple and painless insertion of bio-identical hormone pellets under the skin. The hormone pellet implants are low-dose, customized to suit the physiological needs of each individual patient, and are approximately the size of a Tic Tac. When blood flows over them they begin to release the correct amount of testosterone and estradiol into the bloodstream. More testosterone and/or estradiol is released into the bloodstream whenever the body needs it, for example, during exercise or periods of stress. This delivery method allows your body to recognize the hormones and flourish with them by providing the ability to control the release of the hormone just as it did when the ovaries and testicles were working normally.

What is the process?

At Xanadu Med Spa, we have no interest in a one-size-fits-all approach to hormone treatment. The gateway to a healthy lifestyle starts with comprehensive laboratory testing. Diagnostic Lab tests may include blood, urine, and saliva samples to provide an accurate assessment of multiple parameters that affect your health. Upon completion of testing, Xanadu will receive a detailed analysis of your hormone levels and other markers of health.

Utilizing our staff’s expertise and extensive training, we will create a tailored treatment plan set up to match each patient’s goals and health needs based on lab values, symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, and personal physiology.

On average, will have to come into the office to receive pellets every three to four months. It depends on the person.

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What are the benefits?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a practical and efficient hormone therapy option for repairing natural hormone balance. Aging doesn’t have to be unpleasant, and hormonal imbalances are frequently mistaken as mild side effects of aging.

As we stated, your hormone levels will decrease over time. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a process in which you supplement your hormones to bring your levels to healthy levels or to the levels that they were when you were younger.  Not everyone needs hormone therapy, but if you are determined to have low levels, you may benefit from the process immensely.  Some of the benefits that you will get from undergoing Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy include:

  • Improvement in energy levels
  • Restored or increased sexual drive
  • Consistency in moods (no more roller coaster effect)
  • Relief from anxiety and depression
  • Weight improvement – decrease in fat mass, increase in lean muscle mass in both men and women
  • Increase in muscle strength and physical performance
  • Improved cognition – estrogen is used that passes the blood-brain barrier improving thinking, concentration, and prevents dementia

How long will it take for the hormones to get into my system and work?

Most females report that they begin to experience improvement within several days of receiving their pellets. Testosterone pellets for men may take two weeks to express their benefits.

Are there risks involved?

Synthetic forms of these hormones often carry their own risks and side effects. Xanadu Med Spa specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement.  This involves replacing hormones with other hormones that have the same molecular make-up. We work with you to identify the hormones that need to be replaced and develop a customized treatment plan designed specifically for you.

What are possible side effects?

Side effects in both men and women are rare. In women, transient breast tenderness lasting 7-10 days may occur with the first insertion, but rarely with repeat treatments. Acne and hair loss are rare occurrences from testosterone replacement therapy. The growth of facial hair is also rare and occurs no more frequently than what happens in postmenopausal women on no hormones. In men, the side effects are also rare, but may include decreased sperm count, decreased testicular mass, and possible prostate enlargement. It should be noted that these side effects occur much more frequently with the use of synthetic hormone replacement therapies.

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