How You Can Get A Complexion Boost During Your Lunch Break

Dr. Jeffrey Ayers is excited to share his passion for non-surgical cosmetic services that maintain a natural yet youthful appearance. The field of aesthetics changes often and Dr. Ayers is a perpetual learner who also enjoys sharing what he learns with newer practitioners. Dr. Ayers has practiced medicine in Utah for 26 years. After joining the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics, he spent 12+ years as their medical director. Dr. Ayers has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Westmont College and completed his medical degree at Des Moines University. He then completed his family medicine residency at Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital and served as a staff family doctor in Sasebo, Japan as a commissioned naval officer for three years. Dr. Ayers considers his work as a creative twist to a cool science experiment. 

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Have you found yourself focusing on the pigment of your skin? The Moxi laser might be the quickest solution for you. To understand if this treatment will provide you with the skin goals you are looking for Haute Beauty sat down with Haute Beauty expert Dr. Jeffrey Ayers to discuss everything from its uses, goals, and side effects.

What does the Moxi laser treat?

Moxi is a non-ablative fractional Thulium laser that comfortably delivers laser energy to the skin. By targeting water in your skin, this laser is designed to promote new cell growth and reduce unwanted pigment, improve tone and texture, improve the look of aging skin. The Moxi laser does not treat acne scars. My Virtue RF device from Cartessa can tackle that specific concern. 

What does non-ablative mean?

Moxi is a non-ablative treatment, which means it targets unwanted tissue without damaging the skin. This means less discomfort, easier post-care and shorter healing. Ablative lasers affect different depths of the skin and have more downtime and potentially more complications due to the area and depth treated. These are generally very painful.

What are the goals?

There are 2 primary goals I have with the MOXI: (1) Prejuvination - approaching minor skin concerns before they become big problems and (2) Rejuvenation - approaching different levels of damage with the goal of correction and maintenance. 

How do you prepare for this treatment? 

I recommend a couple of product choices to start 2 to 4 weeks prior to the treatment. A favorite Is Alastin skin Nectar. Considering many treatments temporarily suppress cell activity during the treatment, we can see faster recovery and improvement of the skin if prepped with these products by “up-regulating” the cell beforehand. In addition, when topical numbing cream is applied appropriately any discomfort is greatly reduced.

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What are the results? Are touch-ups necessary?   

Each Moxi treatment has all the benefits as stated already, yet each one builds upon the other and has a cumulative anti-aging effect. I recommend starting with 3 treatments spaced 4 to 6weeks apart. I don’t consider additional treatments to be “touch-ups," because mistakes were not made that need to be “fixed." We are improving the skin and maintaining the beautiful results.

Are there side effects?

I would consider this a “lunchtime procedure” that takes less than 30 minutes. The Moxi treatment is considered a "no-downtime" procedure. Your skin will appear and feel sunburnt for approximately 1.5 hours following the treatment. Elta MD has an amazing silver gel that is cooling and antibacterial.

You may wear make-up or tinted sunscreen the following day. Skin typically looks pink the day after treatment and bronzed for the next few days. As your body pushes out the old skin to make room for new skin, you will experience MENDs (microscopic epidermal necrotic debris), a fine, sandy texture on your skin. This will slough off in a few days and is typically gone around day 5, leaving beautiful, glowing, and radiant skin.

Is it safe for everyone?

Since the laser from MOXI is attracted to the water in your skin and not the color in your skin, MOXI is safe for all skin tones, including suntanned skin.

Can it be combined with treatments?

Yes! We offer combination treatments that multiply the effects of the Moxi alone. The Sciton M-joule platform delivers both The Moxi + the BBL (broadband light - similar to the photo facial). Studies have shown that over the course of years the improvement of skin quality and appearance is exceptional. We have seen the skin looking younger over those years when treatments are part of a maintenance routine versus just a series of corrective treatments.

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