How This Technology Can Ease Your Biggest Stressors While Pregnant

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One of the most exciting but trying times in a woman's life is when they decide they are ready to welcome a child into their home. Between getting pregnant to then ensuring your baby is healthy, the stresses can sometimes be endless. To ease the tension, Haute MD expert Dr. Brian Levine at CCRM Fertility addresses one of the main concerns in pregnancies, chromosomal abnormalities. Here's what he had to say:

Dr. Brian A. Levine | Fertility | New York

For those people who are dealing with the heartbreak associated with chromosomal abnormalities, we can provide patients the opportunity to test embryos before ever putting them back into the womb. Chromosomal abnormalities can be related to miscarriages, children with deformities/disabilities or potentially life-altering genes.

By using a technology called (also known as PGT-A and PGT-M), we can limit the risks of miscarriages and passing on genes to be avoided. Diseases that we screen for include cancer genes, anemia or even patients who will have children that are affected by metabolic conditions that seem almost unavoidable. We can also use this technology to improve the efficiency of IVF, so that patients do not have to go through repeated transfers of embryos, and the heartbreak associated with it.

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