Botox For Your Neck Explained In A Multifunctional Way

Dr. Jeffrey Lee is a Harvard-trained plastic surgeon serving patients in the greater Boston area. He specializes in cosmetic procedures of the face, breast, body, and non-surgical treatments such as Botox and Juvederm. Dr. Lee’s vision for patient care blends both safety as well as optimal aesthetic outcomes.

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Beyond its ability to smooth out fine lines and diminish wrinkles, Botox also has the ability to treat medical conditions. In the case of injecting Botox into the trapezius muscle/neck, the Botox will actually provide both benefits to the area of treatment. Here Haute Beauty expert Dr. Jeffrey Lee dishes on the pros of getting Botox in your trapezius muscle/neck, the results and more. Here's what he had to say:

What are the reasons you’d get Botox in your trapezius muscle/neck?

Botox in your neck/trapezius is a great way to provide two main things. First, it can provide pain relief to those who experience muscle tightness, pain, or stress. Secondly, it can have a slimming effect on the neck by lowering the trapezius muscle which can lead to a longer appearing neck.  Making your neck appear longer can also make you look taller which is an added benefit.

Why is getting Botox in your trapezius muscle/neck also known as trigger point injections?

Trigger point injections are a general term specific to injections to specific areas of the body that can trigger further discomfort or pain.  Often, these are associated with migraines.  The neck can be a trigger point but it doesn’t have to be for patients to find pain relief. For example, someone who is always looking down for their job, like surgeons, often have neck pain just from using their muscles all day long. In this case, pain can be relieved for the neck but this wouldn’t be considered a trigger point injection.

How long does trapezius Botox last?

Botox in the trapezius muscle can last 3-6 months.  I generally use 20 units per side for a total of 40 units but sometimes it can require more depending on how developed your muscle is.

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How quickly do you see results, post- Botox injection?

Depending on why you experience pain, Botox can be effective in a few days.  Often it takes about a week or two for full effect.  For aesthetic results, it can often take a month or so before you see slimming effects.

How often can you get Botox in your trapezius muscle/neck?

There isn’t a maximum when it comes to Botox but in general, you should wait for effects to start subsiding before considering adding more Botox.

Is getting Botox in your trapezius muscle/neck common?

Botox in your trapezius muscle is getting a lot more common.  Just like anything else, as more people find out about it, the more popular it becomes.  Just like Botox for the masetter muscle, it can have a pain/stress relief as well as a slimming aesthetic component and I see patients all the time that want one or the other or both.

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