Liquid IV Therapy Is Here To Quench Your Body Of All Key Nutrients

Liquid IV Therapy is a concierge IV therapy company that brings IV vitamin treatments directly to your home, hotel, office, or yacht. Based out of Miami, this on-demand IV service is provided by experienced registered nurses (RNs). Each RN is expertly trained in peripheral IV placement and committed to providing the best customer service in the mobile IV industry. Woman-owned and operated by CEO and founder, Jeannette Rodriguez, who created Liquid IV Therapy to provide nursing services to a spectrum of patients seeking autonomy over their own healthcare in IV hydration therapy.

Here Haute Beauty sat down with Liquid IV Therapy, CEO Jeannette Rodriquez to dish on her brand's greatest achievements, future goals and how they will continue to put their patient's comfort along with their services and quality of IV treatments at the forefront of everything they do. Here's what she had to say:

My greatest achievement:

Going through the journey of having a 29-week-old premature son and having him completely happy and healthy now, has been my greatest achievement.  Professionally speaking though, I feel like my greatest achievement is still to come. I feel like concierge IV therapy is just starting to make a name for itself.  We are constantly introducing new patients to IV therapy on a weekly basis. I can see a future where concierge IV therapy will be available to just about anyone in need of it.  I’m not sure where this company is taking us, but I know that my greatest achievement will be here.

What is the future of your field?

People are becoming more aware of the benefits of IV vitamin therapy. More practices are offering it to their patients- chiropractor offices, private practices, med spas, etc... IV Therapy is the latest wellness obsession.

Furthermore, the pandemic has really opened the minds of people receiving services at home. Now, more than ever, people are comfortable with the convenience of at-home services; therefore, receiving concierge IV hydration therapy is the perfect fit. It just makes sense! When someone feels ill or hungover, the last thing they want to do is leave their house. Resting in the comfort of their home feels best. Concierge IV Therapy compliments that personal preference.

The biggest misconception about my field is...

“It’s a Las Vegas thing!”  “Why can’t you just take your vitamins?”  “This is a waste of money!”

We’ve heard it all!  I feel very strongly that once someone has had the experience of getting an IV after hours of dehydration, within a matter of minutes, they start feeling instantly better again. It’s almost like watching a miracle happen. Once this happens, they are hooked for life. IV therapy is powerful.

With regards to oral vitamins versus IV therapy, when you take oral vitamins, they must pass through the digestive tract to be broken down. Because of the metabolic process, your body does not have the ability to absorb all of it. Roughly only 20% of the benefits of oral vitamins are received. When someone receives an IV, the vitamins and nutrients bypass your digestive tract and are delivered directly into your bloodstream, yielding a 100% absorption rate with optimal results.

When we’re sick and need to go to the hospital for dehydration, we’re given an IV to restore fluids. People recovering from colds, cases of flu, COVID, dehydration, hangovers, and food poisoning all benefit from fast, safe hydration therapy. The bottom line is that IV therapy solutions are absorbed almost completely by the body, ensuring maximum efficacy of all the vitamins included in their treatment.

Further, vitamin IV therapy is so much more than treating hangovers. It’s for an immune boost, travel, destinations with high altitude, for replenishing the body after a workout or stressful situation, and for keeping and maintaining wellness.

If you are depleted and need fluids, yes, IV therapy is the way to go but if you are already feeling well and want to go from good to great, then IV therapy is the way to go TOO.


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My most requested IV treatment:

Immune Deluxe IV, Hangover IV, and Lipotropic injections (aka. skinny shots!)

What are you best known for?

We put our patients first. We pride ourselves on consistent professional service with quality pharmaceutical-grade vitamins drawn in front of the patient into a 1 Liter saline bag of fluids at the comfort of their home.

What is your most memorable patient reaction?

During this pandemic, most Covid patients have found themselves getting rejected from hospitals and sent back home because of lack of capacity and/or because their vitals and symptoms are not as severe as other patients. Because of this, an urgent care mobile practice found us and started sending all their severely dehydrated patients to us.

We called on this sweet older couple where the wife was in bad shape. The husband had tried getting her into the hospital, but they rejected her, and he felt hopeless.  When we arrived, she wasn’t eating, wasn’t drinking, wasn’t moving much, and was severely nauseous. Upon arrival, our nurse infused her immediately and within minutes, she started to improve immediately. Halfway through the IV bag, she was talking again, asking questions, and even making jokes. After the IV therapy was completed, she was able to move around a little and her demeanor had completely changed dramatically. Her husband was so appreciative. He started crying and thanking us.

Nonetheless, I would say that experience left a memorable mark on us. We were reminded how severe dehydration can be, while at the same time, inspired on what an IV therapy session can do.

What sets my practice apart?

All of our nurses are extremely proficient in placing peripheral IVs; therefore, we pride ourselves on being swift and efficient, so minimal discomfort is felt from our patients.  That’s something that is extremely important to us. We want all of the patients’ IV therapy experiences to be pleasant.

What I love most about my profession:

Helping people feel instantly better. It’s so rewarding helping someone that’s going through an acute painful experience, in need of IV fluids, and helping them seek comfort and relief instantly. Hearing afterward how much better they feel, makes everything worth it.

What new services are you excited to offer?

Skinny shots! Lipotropic injections helped me lose 8 lbs. in 8 weeks. They are made up of 3 amino acids plus B6 and B12. I started doing weekly injections and I immediately felt more energy. Shortly afterward, I felt an increase in my metabolism, I wasn’t as hungry as much, and felt “fuller” faster.

These were my last pounds to lose, and lipotropic injections were the catalyst I needed in helping me reach my weight goal. I would highly recommend our lipotropic injections for anyone who has plateaued in their weight loss journey but is doing the work to lose weight.

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