Behind The Scenes: How Veneers Are Made

Dr. Troy Pearce is dedicated to providing comprehensive, comfortable dental care that meets his patients’ needs in the most efficient manner possible. Dr. Pearce graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, and he joined the practice in 2008. He is committed to advancing his implant and cosmetic dentistry skills through continuing education and training. He is a graduate of the Midwest Implant Institute in Columbus, Ohio and a Platinum Invisalign Provider. 

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How can I fix this chip on my tooth? What's a permanent way to whiten my teeth? Can the veneer fall off my tooth? These are the generic questions one asks when they make find themselves in the dentist's chair. Oftentimes, one focuses on the basic questions regarding their dental needs instead of diving into the behind-the-scenes details. Here Haute Beauty expert Dr. Troy Pearce discusses the nitty and gritty of veneers; what they are made of, how are they designed, and more.

Haute Beauty: What are veneers made out of?

Dr. Troy Pearce: Veneers are made out of porcelain that is reinforced with elements that give it superior strength and also help maintain the esthetic nature of the material. This porcelain has been used for about 15-20 years and is much stronger than the porcelains used prior. The strength of this newer porcelain is twice as strong as natural enamel

HB: How long does it take to make veneers?

TP: Veneers typically take 2 weeks to fabricate. We can make exceptions when challenged with travel bud appropriate time is given in notice.

HB: How much does it cost to make veneers?

TP: Veneers are not all created equally. We use a laboratory that puts a great deal of craftsmanship into this process. Therefore the veneers we produce look much more natural in color and translucency that mimics nature. Since we do a large quantity of veneers we have a special relationship with our lab that keeps the cost very affordable. Also, we have flexible payment options to make it easier for our patients to achieve their goals.

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HB: How are veneers made? The start to finish process.

TP: We use a fully digital process for the design of our smiles. There are no impressions or molds taken that can be uncomfortable. Once we send the digital information to our lab they are able to fabricate the porcelain in usually 5-7 business days. Our digital process eliminates shipping time and ensures quality.

HB: Can veneers be adjusted once made? Or do they need to be redone completely?

TP: I work with each patient to design their individual smile. Just a few simple questions allow us to develop a set of temporaries that will mimic the design and color of their permanent veneers. This m gives our patients a couple of days to get adjusted to their new prototype smile and make any adjustments if needed. We make sure that the finals are an exact copy of the temporary veneers so there are no surprises when the finals are delivered. The guarantees a happy result. Minimal adjustments to length can be made once the finals are delivered but that is very rare.

HB: When designing a new smile, how do veneers come into use?

TP: Veneers are your chance to design the enamel that you have always dreamt of. The size, the shape and the color are all able to be adjusted to your personal desires.

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