Say Goodbye To Dental Stresses, Here’s How You Can Test Out Your New Smile Before It’s Permanent

Dr. Baruch Tetri is a Doctor of Dental Surgery who provides a uniquely patient-first approach to treatment and planning. His work today reflects nearly two decades of training, education, and successful practice. These combine in truly state-of-the-art treatment and doing more in less time. 

Photo Credit: ShutterstockAbove all else, aesthetic dentistry has spread confident smiles throughout, and we have technological advancements to thank. Haute Beauty sat down with Haute MD expert Dr. Baruch Tetri to discuss the high-tech, digital smile design (DSD) tool. From understanding how the virtual treatment plan works to knowing if you are the ideal candidate, here's what Dr. Tetri shared on DSD.

Haute Beauty: What is digital smile design (DSD)?

Dr. Baruch Tetri: Dental Smile Design (DSD) is a unique planning tool in aesthetic dentistry. It is very important, I may even say that it helps a patient to understand the results of the desired treatment. At Tetri’s Smile, we took this technology to the next level. At many dental practices, patients are offered to visualize their new smile by looking at the photos or the computer-simulated smile.

At Tetri's Smile, we present your new smile by creating a “mock-up." And the beauty of our unique approach is that you can see your smile in the mirror, you can feel it and it is all done non-evasively, without touching your original teeth.

HB: What are the steps from consultation to results?

BT: It takes two visits from the diagnostic step to introduce you to your new smile. This tool allows a patient to see the shape of the teeth, gum, lips, face, but also test phonetics during the evaluation period. As such, the patient may evaluate, provide an opinion, and approve the final shape of the new smile before any irreversible procedures are performed.

I have found that my patients feel more relaxed and happy when we use digital smile design. On treatment day, there is nothing unknown or unpredictable that could happen during the procedure, which eases one's mind.


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HB: Who makes a perfect candidate for digital smile design?

BT: I recommend Tetri’s Smile smile design (SD) not only to patients who seek better aesthetics but to people who suffer from migraines, neck pain, back pain as Tetri’s Smile SD provides the opportunity to feel the difference in muscle and joint work stabilizing your bite.

HB: How is Tetri's smile design (SD) original?

BT: Tetri's smile design is highly personalized, providing patients with a natural look. As it continues to provide a boatload of benefits to the end-user, we would like to also emphasize how Tetri’s Smile SD is different from the smile design you may have been introduced to before and this is how:

  • You can see, feel and touch your future teeth without any commitment to the treatment.
  • Tetri's Smile SD is a fully functional design of your future bite and of restoration of your anatomy, which is lost in many cases due to poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, grinding, failure of previous dental work, or accidents.

Analyzing, creating, fabricating, evaluating SD takes a lot of time. However, it gives me a wonderful opportunity to interact with patients, to understand their dreams and most importantly make their dreams come true.