Staying Fit Isn’t Easy: Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Troy Aikman Shares His Tips And Tricks To Looking Great At 55

Photo Credit: Shutterstock Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback still looks like he could get back on the field at 55-years old. Recently, the athlete shared his workout routine, diet, and more to give fans some insight into what keeps him fit.

It comes as no surprise that Aikman goes hard at the gym, but all of his workouts are strategically based around supporting the injuries he sustained during his football career. Back in 2001 when he retired, Aikman was suffering from a lower back injury which he has tried his best to recover from since leaving the sport. Aikman explains, “I just happened to walk into a gym one day and asked to meet with a trainer and talk with him about doing some programs for me. So, slowly he started building up my low back area doing a lot of core work and it’s made a huge difference. I’ve been pretty much back pain-free over the last 15 years.”

As he gets older, Aikman has found ways to adjust his workouts to remove any unnecessary strain on his body mostly using cables and dumbbells for a good portion of his workout. And found a lot of functional options during COVID-19. Overall, his workout schedule sticks to cardio 5 to 6 days a week and lifting four days a week. He seems to be a creature of habit because his routine has stayed that way for nearly 15 years.

When it comes to his kitchen, Aikman gets a lot of help from his chef who regularly meal-preps for him. How easy would it be to eat healthy if we all had that kind of help? In the video, Aikman admits that when he started out with the Cowboys, his diet was far from having any regimentation in place. He would indulge in pizza and fried foods, but his habits have changed drastically since then, and he claims that he has seen the benefits of the changes. He starts each morning with plenty of supplements followed by two to three cups of coffee.

His fridge now is full of containers with portions of protein, vegetables, and plenty of cans of his own beer named Eight Elite Light Lager. When it comes to his protein, the athlete like to be selective with where it comes from, eating grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chicken.

Aikman seems to enjoy his regimented eating since he claims he rarely has cheat days, but if he did, he’d probably enjoy a pizza or oatmeal cookie. When he’s not treating himself to a beer or pizza, Aikman is serious about his hydration, a tip that he claims to have learned by watching Tom Brady. Because if Tom Brady is doing it, it must be working right? Aikman walks around with a gallon jug of water at all times even though he says he doesn’t really keep track of how much he’s really drinking. He jokes, “Sometimes taking this into restaurants and different places can be a little bit obnoxious, but I tend to lose count when I’m drinking from the bottle.”