LamProbe And SkinProbe Makes Removing Pesky Skin Irregularities Easy

Xanadu Med Spa is the premier destination in Northern Colorado for top-line skin rejuvenation and anti-aging techniques. They are committed to exceeding your expectations and enhancing your natural beauty through their local day spa and med spa services. It is their passion to provide you well-being, relaxation, & medical innovation. At Xanadu Med Spa, their clients are their highest priority. The med spa combines the best of two worlds; a relaxing and friendly day spa environment, with the advanced cosmetic procedures and expertise found at the doctor’s office. 

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Have you always had incredible skin? Few blemishes? Barley any breakouts? Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold and in the world of skin, it is likely that you will deal with some skin irregularities at some point or another. Knowing this to be true, Xanadu Med Spa offers non-surgical, non-invasive choices to treat all of the pesky skin problems that can pop up at one point in time. Here Haute Beauty experts at Xanadu Med Spa review the treatments that have become exceptionally popular to rid yourself of milia and skin tags, broken capillaries, hemangioma, age spots, freckles, cherry angiomas and more.

LamProbe Treatment

How it works: The small, portable probe uses extremely cold nitrous oxide to vaporize the moisture found in skin cells. When the moisture is gone, the treated cells dry up and ultimately fall off so that the tissue clears up. During treatment, the esthetician holds a probe over the area of concern. Each small area is treated for about three to five seconds, and the entire treatment session usually takes no more than 30 minutes.

Skin irregularities: Telangiectasia, milia, cholesterol deposits, clogged pores, cherry angiomas, spider naevi, skin tags, fibromas, pimples and acne.

Benefits: Designed for minimal discomfort to remove or treat a variety of skin concerns and all skin types. The recovery time is quick and most are able to return to their regular activity right away. Some redness might appear, but it typically fades in a few days and the results are immediate.

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CryoProbe Treatment

How it works: The device uses medical-grade nitrous oxide cartridges to treat benign skin lesions effectively. During the treatment, the esthetician will use a different size applicator tip for enhanced accuracy on the spot. This allows for the treatment of tiny lesions, especially around the eyes.

Skin irregularities: Sebaceous hyperplasis, skin tags, warts, lentigos, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, molluscum, solar lentigo, actinic keratoses, hemangioma, as well as pigmented and age spots (and more…).

Benefits: It’s a state-of-the-art treatment, that is FDA approved, portable, innovative and efficient. Treatment with the CryoProbe is easy, safe and accurate.

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