These Rejuvenation Methods Will Have You In The Running As The Next Hand Model

Amy B. Lewis, M.D. graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania. She then received her Medical Degree, with the highest honors, from the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Lewis then moved to the New York area for a medical internship at Cornell/New York Hospital and Dermatology residency at SUNY Downstate as Chief Resident. She returned to Yale for a fellowship in Dermatological Laser and Reconstructive Surgery. After this specialized training, Dr. Lewis began working in private practice, while also pioneering clinical studies in Dermatological lasers at the Washington Institute for Dermatological Laser Surgery. She is now in Manhattan, where she has built a premier private practice specializing in Cosmetic and Laser dermatology, and continues to teach as Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine.

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Age might be a number, but boy does it come with many changes to your once youthful-looking skin. Whether it’s the skin on our hands, faces, or bodies, naturally, your skin gets thinner and more fragile with time. As the collagen and fat deplete, other features that lie underneath, like your veins and tendons, become more prominent, especially in the hands.

Did you know that your hands are the first areas to show signs of aging? And no matter how much hand cream you use, it simply will not cut it. Besides, the mix of sun damage, neglect, and the natural course of aging is unavoidable. Thankfully, with the help of Haute Beauty expert Dr. Amy Lewis, there are options to reverse the effects of aging hands and even out the patchy skin tone you no longer desire.

Treatment options

Hand rejuvenation treatments are minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments that are used to restore your hands back to your desired hand model material. Each treatment will vary depending on the current conditions of your hands and your desired youthful appearance. Possible treatment options include:

  • Juvederm® and Restylane® are effective methods for plumping the back of the hands.
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy promotes collagen growth, which helps treat hyperpigmentation and texture issues that develop over time.
  • Chemical peels are known to treat uneven skin texture.
  • Medical-grade skincare (LINK) to restore the youthful appearance of your hands.

To know which hand rejuvenation treatment works best for you, it’s encouraged to go in for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Amy B. Lewis. Most of the time, Dr. Lewis refers to using dermal fillers and anti-aging treatments on the back of the hands as the combination of both helps tighten the laxity of your skin.

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Benefits of treatment

There are many benefits to getting hand rejuvenation treatments at Lewis Dermatology & Associates, including:

  • No downtime or recovery period is necessary
  • The improvement of hyperpigmentation, age spots, and brown spots on the hands
  • Reduces the appearance of bulging veins and tendons on the back of the hand
  • Creates an overall naturally youthful appearance
  • Minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment options

The results

After your hand rejuvenation treatment, mild tenderness and swelling around the treated area might occur. This is extremely normal and will resolve on its own within a day or two of treatment. While you may be able to see some improvements in your hands following the treatment, the final results will take several days to weeks to be in full effect.

Fillers only last about one year. To maintain your hand's desired model look, Dr. Lewis and her team recommend you come in for regular treatments every nine to 12 months.

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