Angelina Jolie Celebrates Major Lead In Custody Battle Against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie familyPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Classic entertainment industry mogul, Angelina Jolie, is known for more than just her beautiful face; though the award-winning actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian certainly exhibits looks that could kill, her various accolades, numerous films, and multiple listings as Hollywood’s highest-paid actress speak volumes regarding her impressive and unmatched talent. The longtime Hollywood megastar is also commonly associated with her ex-husband Brad Pitt; recently, the two have feuded in the courtroom once more after an exhausting and ongoing custody case, ultimately naming Jolie victorious. The acclaimed star requested and was granted permission to disqualify the favors of private Judge John W. Ouderkirk over the divorce case and custody battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, herself. Jolie first expressed disapproval and dissatisfaction with Judge Ouderkirk after learning that he had previously been in a relationship with Anne C. Kiley, the attorney of the opposing side. Jolie immediately requested that Ouderkirk be removed from the case due to such conditions, and their subsequent consequences, yet her equitable plea was promptly denied last fall. Jolie expressed confusion and disturbance regarding how many cases Ouderkirk and Kiley had previously worked on alongside each other, and Jolie’s perturbation soon proved legitimacy. Three months following Jolie’s appeal denial, Pitt, with the help of his legal team, namely Kiley and Ouderkirk, went on to win various leads in the proceeding case, notably significantly more time with his minor children earlier this summer.

After reviewing the legal documents, and Jolie’s secondary assertion that Judge Ouderkirk has “failed to disclose information concerning his recent professional relationships with Pitt’s counsel,” it has been decided that the ethical breach of Judge Ouderkirk has tainted the case with impartiality. Pitt has been unjustly situated in a position of advantage against his former wife and counterpart due to Judge Ouderkirk’s undisclosed former relationships/partnerships. Disqualification of Judge John W. Ouderkirk to preside over the custody battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was deemed to be required, but both Pitt and Ouderkirk himself are permitted to appeal this legal decision.

In response on Friday, July 23, Ouderkirk claimed that he had been transparent and timely regarding all required disclosures. 

Pitt’s legal counsel spokesperson declares that they have done what is best for the children involved up to this point, have followed the “extraordinary amount of factual evidence in order to reach clear conclusions,” and intend to continue to do so as the case unfolds and closes. Angelina’s legal representative had no immediate comment nor contention at this point. 

Back in 2016 when the divorce papers were originally filed, Jolie had requested sole custody over the former couple’s children. Perhaps the disqualification of Judge Ouderkirk from the case is the first of many upcoming legal wins for Jolie on the road to sole custody.