How Jorge A. Calil Went From Bailiff to Successful Owner Of His Own Law Firm

Jorge Calil

Photo Credit: Calil Law

Jorge A. Calil is the founder of The Law Offices of Jorge A. Calil, P.A. Calil has plenty of experience as he has been practicing law for over 17 years. He started out as an Assistant State Attorney in the 17th Judicial Circuit, Broward County. He later began his private practice in Downtown Miami and has represented hundreds of clients in a variety of cases ranging from criminal defense, personal injury, workers’ compensation and first-party property damage claims.

Calil recently took the time to share a bit of his story and vision for the future of his firm with Haute Lawyer.

Haute Lawyer: At what point did you decide you wanted to open your own private practice?

Jorge A. Calil: While in Law School, I decided to work for a judge as a bailiff. I learned valuable lessons from my judge, her Judicial Assistant, and the clerks throughout those two years.

I began my career as an Assistant State Attorney with the 17th Judicial Circuit in Broward County, Florida. Later on, I decided that my best service is to represent those who have been wrongfully accused, injured due to the negligence of others, and property owners who have suffered damage to their property but were not properly compensated by their insurance carriers.

HL: What is the biggest lesson you have learned since opening your own practice?

JAC: As lawyers, we should not take our clients or the public for granted. We are actively working in court on a daily basis. However, most of our clients have never sued or been sued, and as a result, are in completely unknown territory when seeking justice in court. As lawyers, we must stay humble and never forget that it is a privilege to have the ability to walk into a court room and be recognized as officers of the court.

HL: What is the biggest misconception clients have about personal injury law?

JAC: Personal injury lawyers need to do their best to have all off the facts which will prove their client’s case in order. A good lawyer begins every case with the intention of preparing the corresponding case for a jury trial. We need to show that a duty was breached, which caused our client the injuries they are complaining about. Many time, the potential client will present the facts of the case and we accept them as the truth. However, often times, the facts turn out to be different, resulting in the case drastically weakening and having to fight for a settlement. The misconception clients may develop is that if their lawyer believes the case may not have the elements necessary to win at trial, and advises them, clients sometimes believe the lawyer is not doing his or her job, when in fact, the opposite is true.

HL: What are some of the most common cases you encounter?

JAC: My office takes slip and fall as well as automotive accidents with severe injuries, property damage claims, and contractual business disputes.

HL: What is the most important advice you could give to a prospective client before selecting a personal injury lawyer?

JAC: I would advise to hire a lawyer that is willing to give the best personal service. I give all of my clients my personal cell phone number. I may not be able to answer every call at any time of the day, but I will always return the call within 24 hours.

HL: What vision do you have for the future of the Law Offices of Jorge A. Calil, P.A.?

JAC: My vision for the firm’s future is to be regarded as a firm that works very hard to get all of its clients the justice they deserve. Due to the pandemic, we have all needed to work in a virtual setting. I don’t believe this will change any time soon, even when it will be considered safe to do so. My firm will work to improve and develop its virtual platform in order to make our services available to all.


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