Paul Samakow Has Been Helping Survivors Of Burn Injuries For Over 40 Years

Paul Samakow is a highly experienced burn injury attorney with over 40 years of experience helping survivors throughout the United States.

Paul Samakow

Paul Samakow has a national practice representing individuals who have suffered burn injuries. This “niche” is different than the representation usually associated with handling routine auto accident or “fall down” cases. His experience has elevated him to a sought-after and in-demand attorney for these horrific injury cases.

Mr. Samakow and his clients can relate that no injuries are more painful than burns. Burn injuries, from a trauma standpoint, are among the greatest threat known to medicine because the potential for injury can affect numerous parts of the body and numerous body systems.

Getting legal help is often delayed because individuals are extremely concerned, as they should be, with getting medical care. There is often immense stress in getting proper and much-needed medical care, not to mention the concern about how to pay for that care. Samakow says this is where a knowledgeable attorney can help, because the attorney, if handling a burn case, should have extensive resources.

From a young age Paul knew he wanted to grow up to help those who survived burn injuries. When he was eight his neighbors’ house burned down. His parents took them in. One evening he overheard them crying about the difficulties they were having, and the poor treatment their insurance company was providing. He overheard they would need a lawyer to help. He knew then what his calling would be.

If you are a burn survivor, a member of a burn survivor’s family, or know a burn survivor, there will be great benefit in downloading Mr. Samakow’s free book, “Twice Burned.” In the book, there is a wealth of resource information and plain and clear discussion about the potential for compensation in the event someone or some entity is responsible. There are numerous additional informational papers and resources on his website, all of which are free and downloadable. Go to

Paul also founded National Burn Prevention Day (May 19th). There are links on the website that allow for donations to numerous organizations, including fire departments and burn camps for children and teens. CLICK HERE.