Here’s Why Adding Eye Revive To Your Daily Practice Is A Must

Photo Credit: Daily Practice

Have you constantly been told that you “look tired,” or you “should probably get some rest,” all because the bags under your sensitive eyes have managed to stay dormant? But you’ve tried it all? From over-the-counter eye creams, undereye patches, eye drops, you name it – nothing has worked.

Seeing the disheartening results and lack of knowledge on how to care for your eyes properly, New York-based ophthalmologist Dr. Ashley Brissette created a skincare product designed to make eye care a part of your Daily Practice, literally.

Daily Practice is an innovative and holistic eye-focused skincare brand that is nothing like the current offerings in the eye care and cosmetic space. After years of experience, research, and feedback, Dr. Brissette created the innovative three-in-one hero product: Eye Revive. Now available for pre-sale.

Photo Credit: Daily Practice

This product not only hydrates around the eyes but can also be used as a cleanser and makeup remover. Keeping sensitivity in mind, Eye Revive is designed for all skin types to soothe and protect your eye redness, irritations, and fine lines.

“Much like how we wash our face and brush our teeth twice a day, we need daily modern protocols for nourishing and protecting our eyes, the meeting place of health and beauty," said Brissette. As our vision is one of our most used senses, it is important that we add the skincare item that your eyes have been in missing in your Daily Practice. To ensure our eyes are rejuvenated and youthful, at all times, it is recommended you use the product twice daily. Trust me, your soon-to-be refreshed and bright white eyes will thank you.