Dr. Bahmadi Discusses Innovative Procedures and Holistic Approaches In Dental

Photo courtesy of Dr. Bahmadi

Miami dentist Dr. Neda Bahmadi pursued her dental education at Nova Southeastern University and continued her clinical residency in New York City. Being the owner of two state-of-the-art dental spas, Ultra Smile Dentistry and Ultra Smile Dentaspa, has brought her passion filled vision to reality. Dr. Bahmadi strives to ensure that all her patients have the most pleasant experience at her dental spas. Dr. Bahmadi sat down with Haute Beauty to discuss the newest procedures in dentistry and her favorite holistic approaches in dental care.

How often should patients whiten their teeth?

It depends which products you use to whiten your teeth. I would use the strongest one out of there which usually consists of 40% hydrogen peroxide once a year and use the weaker ones in concentration as a maintenance routine.

Which, if any, at-home whitening products would you recommended?

I personally don’t even whiten my teeth at home, I use Opalescence toothpaste that is great for whitening and has a sensitivity relief at the same time. If I were to use whitening at home, Opalescence would be to go, they offer different concentrations to match your tolerance, 10% 15% or even 20%.

Would you recommend any holistic approaches in cosmetic dentistry?

Sure, I am a great fan of coconut pulling. It is a great way to get bacteria out of your mouth. You take half a spoonful of coconut oil and squish it around in your mouth for 10-20min and spit it out. It’s the best mouthwash you can use!

How long is the recovery time for dental implants?

Patients can go to work as soon as the next working day, but the healing time does take 4-6 months before the final crown can be placed on.

What risks are involved with dental implants?

Many complications such as infection at the site of the implant, injuries of neighboring anatomical structures such as teeth or blood vessels, nerve damage which may cause numbness or tingliness, and/or sinus problems

When would a patient qualify for porcelain veneers?

When a patient wants to change his/her smile by recontouring the shape of their teeth, changing their shade permanently, have spaces between their teeth they want to close, have cavities in between their front teeth they want to fix. There are many reasons a patient would want veneers and mostly everyone qualifies, it is just a matter of preference and really comes down to what the patient is looking for in their new smile, veneers will provide.

What innovative procedures are in the market today?

We have just invested in the Cerec machine, which is similar to a 3D printing machine that fabricates the crown on the same day. It is amazing what technology can do in dentistry, but this is the future. Soon we will be creating new smiles all in one day!