Get Ready For Mother’s Day With These Procedures

Moms of all ages deserve to look and feel their best every day of the year, and there are several non-invasive and surgical ways to address the most common age-and maternal-related changes. From downtime-free treatments that help banish stubborn bulges of fat to surgery that helps restore a pre-baby body and erase the evidence of all those sleepless nights, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Careaga of Coral Gables, Florida shares the best Mother's Day options for moms at every stage of life.

Mom with baby

Moms looking for a non-surgical option
“Many women want to tighten and tone their bodies between pregnancies without investing the time and money associated with surgery that is likely to be compromised by having additional children,” says Dr. Careaga. In these cases, non-invasive treatments like SculpSure and Emsculpt help women who are still in the child-bearing stage look great and feel good about themselves. According to Dr. Careaga, “SculpSure is a new body contouring treatment that uses heat to target and reduce fat cells in the abdomen, back, thighs, and also works for the stubborn fat cells under the chin. In addition, Emsculpt helps muscles in the abdomen and glutes bounce back with high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to tone and strengthen, and these two treatments can be performed simultaneously.”

Mom with teenager

Moms looking for a surgical option
Dr. Careaga explains, “The muscle walls in the abdomen can expand due to the pressure that pregnancy puts on the belly, and a tummy tuck helps address over-stretched muscles that can’t be improved by diet and fitness alone.” Pregnancy and breastfeeding also take a toll on the breasts, and a breast augmentation, lift or reduction can restore a perkier, more proportional appearance that is often more pleasing to women than the breasts they had before they had children. These two procedures are often performed together as part of a “Mommy Makeover.”


“Glam-mas” who want to look as young as they feel
“The natural aging process causes a loss of elasticity in the skin on the face, as well as a decline of bone density that can lead to a sunken appearance in the cheeks and mid-face,” says Dr. Careaga. Advances in facelift surgery have eliminated the over-pulled look associated with these rejuvenating procedures in the past. The most current techniques address excess skin as well as loss of volume by repositioning and restoring natural fat to improve the appearance of sagging and hollow cheeks. A less invasive option that works wonders for visible signs of aging around the eyes is an eyelid lift, and according to Dr. Careaga, “This procedure helps lift and tighten stretched eyelids while improving sagging eyebrows and drooping upper eyelids.”

Moms at every age and stage
Dr. Careaga says, “Injectables have revolutionized facial rejuvenation and there are a variety of options that can help enhance virtually every area of the face at any age.” From giving the lips a boost and smoothing furrows with injectable fillers to minimizing wrinkles caused by facial expressions with Botox, these quick fixes have become the most-performed aesthetic treatments.

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