Is There A Direct Correlation Between Health And Wearable Fitness Devices and Health Apps?

The answer is somewhat complicated. When it comes to fitness technologies, the options are unlimited. New technology is popping up everywhere you look, promising to help customers reach their fitness goals. Fitness technologies can help the user track steps, their heart rate, calories burned and are designed to promote healthy behaviors and decrease the risk for chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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While these devices, do play a role as a facilitator in motivating and accelerating physical activity there has been no proof that wearable devices provide a direct benefit for health outcomes, according to a study on The American Journal of Medicine. The study aimed to determine if there were benefits to wearable devices in chronic disease outcomes among adults

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Of the 6 studies examined, only one study showed a significant reduction for weight loss among participants who used wearable devices. While there was no significant reduction in cholesterol or blood pressure.